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Dec 21 / Dave Nemetz

Follow That Plane? The Charleston Gazette Takes Frank Martino’s Advice…

Just a quick note today about some interesting mainstream coverage of a Bleacher Report writer…

The Rich Rodriguez saga has been covered to an exhaustive level on Bleacher Report since the story broke that he’d be leaving West Virginia to coach the Michigan Wolverines. Literally dozens of articles have been written—and hundreds more comments made—about RichRod’s decision to leave the Mountaineers for Ann Arbor.

Frank Martino had one interesting take on the situation, suggesting in his “Follow That Plane” piece that readers should take a closer look at the plane that shuttled Rodriguez back and forth between Morgantown and Ann Arbor—and the curious flight patterns the same plane has followed over the last few weeks.

With some persistent prodding, Frank managed to get Charleston Gazette sports editor Mitch Vingle to take notice and quote heavily from Frank’s article in today’s column, Digging to Find the Truth. Vingle considers the ins-and-outs of Frank’s theory, but ultimately comes away with his own conclusions.

Nice work by Frank to get the word out and get the mainstream press to stand up and take notice of the great analysis you can find day-in and day-out at Bleacher Report.

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    As for Atlanta’s loss against the “MUTS” last night, you can put it all on Bobby Cox, as he could not recognize Lowe’s apparent struggles on the mound, due to blister, or whatever. He knows absolutely nothing about pitching. He tends to sit on his b–t and watch a pitcher struggle untill the team is bury’d. Does anyone else see this? A nice “cozy” coach? Yes, but he is killing them! Can’t wait for the Braves to have a knowlegeable coach!!!