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Feb 28 / Dave Nemetz

Bleacher Report Launches Coverage in the Press

On the heels of Bleacher Report’s official launch last week, plenty of media outlets big and small picked up on the story and covered the launch, the site, and the concept.

Press covering the story ranged from tech-heavy blogs to financial publications to sports sites, and they all agreed on one thing:

There is something seriously cool going on at Bleacher Report, and it’s all about the multitude of writers who make the network their home for creating and debating sports analysis.

Press coverage and publicity are a good thing and we welcome it with open arms, but we also realize that the media is just now catching on to something that’s been apparent for a while—that sports fans can and should be qualified as experts in their field, and all they need is the right platform for their voices to be heard.

We’re grateful to the hundreds of writers who have chosen Bleacher Report as their platform, and are working night and day to continue improving the quality of the Bleacher Report experience.

That said, head on over to our Press Room for a sampling of the generous coverage of Bleacher Report’s launch. We’ll be updating this regularly as more media outlets pick up on the Open Source Sports Network.

Stay tuned here to the BR Blog for further announcements about the next stage in Bleacher Report’s evolution.