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Jun 13 / Dave Nemetz

Bleacher Report Partners With Fox Sports

The Bleacher Report team is pleased to formally announce a partnership with Fox Sports.

For the past five weeks, has featured Bleacher Report articles on its front and league pages, alongside their in-house content.

This partnership is validation that Bleacher Report’s writers consistently contribute articles of such high quality that a premier mainstream sports network like Fox Sports is excited to feature them on their most-trafficked pages.

As the sports media landscape continues to evolve, more and more fans are looking for a reliable source of in-depth coverage for all the sports and teams that they follow.

Our team takes great pride in continuing to make improvements to a platform that empowers true sports experts to meet this demand by contributing great analysis and insights about the players, teams and leagues they know best.

We look forward to further synergies with Fox Sports and other future partners.

Click here to view a sampling of the Bleacher Report articles already featured on

  • Kevin Skantz

    I am a N.O. Saints fan wanting info and articles on my team!