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Jul 9 / Zander Freund

Babytate’s Top 10 Article Featured on

Emerging Bleacher Creature Babytate hit a gold mine this week when he published his rankings of the Top 10 Most Disliked College Football Programs of the past 25 years.

Since it went live, the piece has generated over 38,000 reads and 136 comments. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that NBC found the story provocative enough to publish it on their Columbus, Ohio website.

My favorite part about this article is that it provides both insult and compliment alike to the schools chosen. In the world of sports, the most successful teams are also often the most hated (see the New York Yankees for a prime example). So while Canes fans are surely angry they ended up receiving the honor of most hated College Football program of the last 25 years, they can at the same time relish in their success during the 80’s that earned them this designation.

Hats off to Babytate for such a gutsy effort!