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Jul 30 / Aron Glatzer

Aron Glatzer’s Weekly Best-Kept Bleacher Secrets

Hey all—this is Aron Glatzer. You either know me as the best friend/worst enemy of the interns (I play a solid schizophrenic good cop/bad cop), the guy who claims experience as a professional sports writer yet conveniently rarely writes anything on the site except an over-abundance of comments, the guy researching top upcoming story lines for your favorite sports teams, the guy trying to get your stories linked on, or the guy attempting to get you credentialed to cover a sporting event.

Regardless, I’m a true class act.

The reason I’m writing right now is to start a weekly blog entry where I will give respect to some of the top articles from the past week that have been overlooked for various reasons.

Maybe it got buried on a major news day; maybe its content discussed a topic geared away from the mainstream.

Or maybe it simply wasn’t about the Oakland Raiders.

Seriously though,  the chances of me including a top-10 list in this blog are about as good as Josh Childress suiting up for the Hawks next season.

No, with a list of favorite sports teams that includes the San Francisco Giants, 49ers and Golden State Warriors, I’m more familiar with sticking up for the underdog than leaping upon the back of the bandwagon.

This is the time to reward the valiant efforts that shall not go wasted. Which brings us to our first story from Burton DeWitt.

Informing us mainstreamers about Esther Vergeer, the greatest tennis player you may have never heard of, who has won an astounding 340 consecutive wheelchair women’s singles matches, a record that Roger Federer will never touch.

Did you catch Shaun Ahmad’s column about his disgust for the decision made by the city of Beachwood, Ohio to cancel its Little League All-Star Game —so that children who didn’t make the team wouldn’t have hurt feelings? What ever happened to hard work, and staying hungry to get what you want in sports and life?

There is definitely room for satire in the Best-Kept Bleacher Secrets blog series, and Todd Morse’s Shakespearean tribute to the constant woes of the Buffalo Bills quarterback carousel takes the cake. Did I even see some Iambic Pentameter there? My high school English teacher would either be proud or disgusted with me at this point…

Last but not least, I wanted to single-out Sam Wenk and Tyler Estep, who represented B/R to the fullest at the college football media days for the Big Ten and SEC, respectively. Sam put his thick Chicago accent to use by rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in sports journalism, and broke down the experience Gonzo-style in a piece any diehard college football fan can relate with.

Tyler mixed healthy analysis with good laughs, as he focused on University of Georgia coach Mark Richt not buying into the hype surrounding the program by showing the team Neon-Deion “Primetime” Sanders’ notorious “Seminole Rap” video that he made prior to the 1988 season. Florida State then thanked the pollsters who ranked the team No. 1 to start the season by getting pasted 33-0 by the Miami Hurricanes in the opener. Deion may be one of the top lockdown corners of all-time, but he’s got nothing on Willie Beamen on the mic…

That’s it for the week that’s passed us by.  See you next time.