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Aug 25 / Bryan Goldberg

PC Magazine Names Bleacher Report as “Top Undiscovered Site”

PC Magazine has just released its list of “Top 100 Undiscovered Websites,” and Bleacher Report has earned recognition.

According to the published criteria, Bleacher Report scored well when the judges rated the “content, update frequency, design, innovation, and usefulness or entertainment value (or both)”

This serves as a pat on the back for all of our talented writers, without whom we would not have the content worthy of such praise. This is yet more external verification that Bleacher Report’s writers can compete with the big names found on other networks.

The breadth of coverage was also highlighted, as PC Magazine was in disbelief at the site’s active Cricket community. But make no mistake about it: the diversity of coverage, and the number of writers that Bleacher Report has for each sport (even ones that aren’t popular in America) is just one more strength that sets us apart.

  • Andrew McNair

    This is brilliant news. It’s so encouraging to get this kind of recognition.

    Funnily enough, I’m mainly a football (soccer) writer but have recently written a few cricket articles :)

    Well done to everyone for helping the website to this point and we shall continue to grow.

  • Michael Taylor

    Great work guys! It is a testament not only to your hard work and dedication to make this site what it can be, but to those of us writers who spend countless hours on our work for the site. I’m sure this will be one of many recognitions along the way. Keep up the great work so we all can enjoy this sort of recognition together.

  • Adam Amick

    Great news!

  • Lisa Horne

    Hard work pays off. Congrats to the fearsome foursome for making this site what it is. Ya’ll must be so proud! I’m shedding tears here. Now bring on football! :)

  • Baby Tate

    Great work by all involved. The Bleacher Report is serving a mission to provide the development of outstanding writing with entertaining articles.

  • William Qualkinbush

    It feels good to have the work you’ve done validated in this way. Thanks to everybody for the quality of the work that you’ve done and I appreciate the opportunity to share my views on a site of this caliber. Great job guys (and gals)!

  • L.J. Burgess

    Congrats to all four horsemen equally.

    And congrats to the writers from outside the ‘mainstream’for adding excellent coverage, commentary and exposure to sports that deserved an international platform.

    I have seen the ‘Cricket, Air Racing and Darts’lights and it’s all been fascinating for the neophytes.

    The web design is outstanding and easy to use, the marketing/advertising has leaped into the top tier (although I do miss Julie sometimes) and we have the best ‘Babysitter’ on the web.


  • Tanya Mercado

    That’s incredible news. Congratulations to the Top 4 for making this site what it is and giving so many a chance to do what they love: write about sports. You guys deserve it.

  • Zander Freund

    Speaking of which: I think it’s past your bedtime LJ.

  • Angel Navedo

    That’s great news! I really do see great things for this site in the future, and I’m glad to help and contribute in any way possible. Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep telling everyone willing to listen about Bleacher Report. The home of talented, observant sports’ writers with no agendas!

  • L.J. Burgess

    Julie and I are on our way to the bunkhouse now Z.

    I downloaded that little .gif just in case.

  • Nick Colon

    Yeah! That’s so encouraging to hear. Great job foursome. You make nobodies like us work so hard to keep putting out great work. Now if only we could get press passes like Alan mentioned…

  • Fred Richani

    Great Job guys. I love being a part of the community.

  • Curly Morris

    Outstanding! Keep up the great work fellas!

  • Ken Armer

    Before long Bleacher Report will be up there with ESPN. We have as many brilliant minds as those writers. Bleacher Report and sites like it are the wave of the future for sports fans and those who read about sports.