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Oct 2 / Aron Glatzer

B/R MLB Playoff Writer Showdown on

Hey all,

I just wanted to encourage all Major League Baseball fans to check out an exciting series Bleacher Report has running on

Keep up with the Angels (Scott Fowler), Brewers (Peter Bukowski), Cubs (Bob Warja), Dodgers (J.C. Ayvazi), Phillies (Claire Reclosado), Rays (Ben Weixlmann), Red Sox (Michael Lemaire) and White Sox (J.J. Stankevitz) throughout the playoffs with daily reactions and analysis.

Show some love for the tremendous efforts this group will make during the triumphs and pitfalls that is baseball in October.



  • Andrew Shaffer

    Good luck, Bob! Hope it’s not a short 3-and-out again for the Cubbies…

  • Bryan Healey

    Excellent job guys! Great reads!

  • Rory

    Great job all of you…Thank you for doing this

  • Bob Warja

    Thanks guys…unfortunately, Andrew, it was 3 and out again. Unbelievable. So the others will have to keep the dialogue going, and they are doing a great job.