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Dec 8 / Bryan Goldberg

Bleacher Report Partners with Getty Images to Bring Worldclass Image Gallery to Articles

Today marks a new chapter in Bleacher Report’s commitment to giving fans the finest possible writing experience.

Effective immediately, the Open Source Sports Network has partnered with the world’s premier provider of high-quality photographs: Getty Images.

Bleacher Report writers will now have instant access to a massive library of images across every major sport—both American and international—including photos from games that have just concluded.

It is more evident than ever that the editorial content being produced at Bleacher Report is second to none. And by partnering with a major photo provider like Getty Images, we are proud to support the outstanding efforts of our writers.

  • Angel Navedo


    So when we type in a player’s name, will that give us instant access to Getty’s archive? Or do we have permission to use their photos we find on the web?

  • Bryan Goldberg

    It gives you instant access to their entire photo gallery, including archives. It’s already working on the site. All you have to do is search for an image, and it will pull up Getty’s library.

  • Bryan Goldberg

    We do not have a license to take Getty Images from other sites, but it won’t be necessary, as their library and archives are now on B/R.

  • James Williamson

    Sweet! Thank you very much.

  • Justin Goar

    awesome awesome awesome move guys.

    a gift for the writers from the guys at B/R. happy holidays!!!

  • Andrew McNair

    Fantastic stuff. Another leap in the right direction. Well done guys.

  • Danny Penza

    This is awesome. Getty Images are not only the most used pics in sports, but they are also great quality. Great move guys, loving all the new adds!

  • T.W. Krems

    Great stuff guys! Very excited about this partnership!

  • kris


    How much does it cost per photo impression?

    I hope you guys got a ballin’ ass deal.

  • Tim Parent

    That is a nice get, guys. Well played!

  • Ryan Jelley

    Thanks for the early Christmas Gift!

  • LJS

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !


  • Henry Gula

    Thanks for this, guys! I can’t tell you how much easier this will make finding good photos for my articles.

  • daniel

    awesome! pretty exciting. thanks for that one guys!

  • Walter T.

    This is great news. Bleacher Reports credibility just stepped up another level. Writers need to keep pumping out good material.

  • Derek Harmsworth

    I have only been with Bleacher Report for like a year, and the strides forward it has taken in that time has been unbelievable and this is just another example.

    Great job guys.

  • Shyam

    Fantastic news!

  • Andrew

    Awesome! However, when I go to edit one of my articles, it automatically removes the photo and I have to re-load one. Does this happen to others?

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