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Dec 18 / Bryan Goldberg

Thanks To Those Who Filled Out the Writer Survey!

A big thanks to all the writers who filled out the Writer Survey.

We communicate with a lot of the writing community directly via email and bulletin boards, but we would like to perform periodic suverys of this nature.

The information provided will  help us figure out how we build new features, and what kind of improvements people would like to see. It is also interesting to learn how writers are finding B/R, and which experiences have mattered the most to them.

  • Angel

    There was one item that was very important to me that I believe I forgot to write in my survey.

    For those of us who like to cover breaking news stories as they develop, an option to “update” articles would be fantastic. It’d be more significant than just an edit. This way a time-stamp would be visible around the date so readers know they’re not viewing an old piece.

    I don’t know how it would work with the voting system or site rankings… but it could be crucial during the offseason.. especially for writers who’d like to cover/analyze the NFL Draft as it happens.