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Jan 28 / Zander Freund

Introducing Get Satisfaction, B/R’s New Customer Service Solution

Here at Bleacher Report, we’re always trying to stay one step ahead of the game.  There is no more applicable area for this mantra than customer service.

Our little Open Source Sports Network is home to thousands of talented sports writers, who’s thoughtful articles reach the computer screens of millions around the world each month.

Not only that, but our membership is growing.  Fast.

As increasingly more fans discover Bleacher Report, the number of questions and suggestions for our support staff has begun to pile up.  Hence complacency is not an option; our processes for answering these inquiries and putting the helpful feedback of our Community into the hands of the right employees must improve alongside the influx of new members.

It is thus my great pleasure to introduce all of you to Get Satisfaction, our new solution to customer service.

Get Satisfaction is a third party platform where we as a staff will serve our Community of passionate sports writers and die-hard fans.  The benefits of this new tool are numerous:

  • Most questions can be answered without the help of a human beingGet Satisfaction‘s feedback widget that is up on Bleacher Report (click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page and you’ll be directed there automatically) allows site members to have the majority of their questions answered immediately and without the assistance of a human being.
  • The Community can get involved in customer service.  In addition to our support staff, B/R members now have easy access to perhaps the most useful tool in customer service: their fellow contributors.  Get Satisfaction allows our talented Bleacher Creatures an opportunity to answer questions or bounce ideas off of each other with ease.
  • Transparency and openness will help new users figure out the mystery behind B/R.  A large portion of site-related discussions will now take place in a public forum (rather than in private email chains), much to the benefit of future B/R users.  This will help newbies in the Community get up to speed with exactly how the site works.

So what are you waiting for?  Check it out: