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Mar 20 / Zander Freund

Check out the Bleacher Report Store

The B/R store is officially back up and running—get your classic white B/R tee today!

  • Bob Cunningham

    Hey, we bring the readers here, shouldn’t we get free shirts, Zander?! haha.

  • LJS

    Z – we bring in the fans and readers, I think your top 50 needs a free t-shirt as a part of some recognition !

  • Tim

    No kid sizes. :-(

  • JR Salazar

    Whee-hee! Nice going, crew.

  • stoker dafire begins at gratitude
    top 50 get free t’s please :)

    mail to: GARTH MACINTOSH
    3 Farthington place #203
    B3A 2K3

  • stoker dafire


  • Rich Kurtzman

    Yeah, and anyone that is a top writer for a group should get one too! I’m the no. 1 writer in Denver Nuggets, and I want one of those shirts!
    Seriously, I’m broke and hope to buy one soon. Great thinking B/R!


  • Sarah

    I need Car Bumper Stickers mate! And some stickers of course with the Formula One Car to stick in Pizza Hut and Pizza Corner!

  • Sarah

    Oh Tim is right, kid sizes :-)

  • Todd Civin

    Hi Zander,

    A couple suggestions….Please alter the store so I have the opportunity to buy more than one. You’re killing your own sales by not giving options. I also bought two for fellow writers and wanted the mshipped to a place other than my billing address. It doesn’t allow. These options will make things easier. I’d love to create a BR baseball cap for you. I have a contact who makes them very inexpenisely. Add on sales are where it’s at. Give it some thought. Todd

  • answer

    kid sizes