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May 6 / Dave Finocchio

Introducing the NFL Correspondents Network Powered By Bleacher Report

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative being brought to you by and The NFL Correspondent Network is a unique opportunity whereby aspiring sports journalists will be given the chance to provide in-depth coverage of NFL teams as a fully credentialed members of the press corps. and Bleacher Report will select one writer to follow each of the NFL’s 32 teams from the club’s training camp and practices through their regular season and playoff games. The reporters covering the AFC and NFC Champions will also be credentialed to cover Super Bowl XLIV for and

Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of written work submitted during the evaluation period, as well as education and prior journalism experience.  The program is open to any qualified applicant, including the large and dedicated communities of bloggers at and

This blending of traditional sports journalism with blogger-powered reporting is totally unprecedented—especially on this scale. The combination of’s impeccable editorial standards and deep ties to the NFL with Bleacher Report’s rich and prolific network of writing talent will result in unparalleled live coverage of NFL teams on a local level.

Please feel free to submit an application and forward this post to any interested friends or coworkers. Applications are currently being accepted. For more information, please browse to:

  • Tim Cary

    Coolest idea yet guys – making me wish I didn’t have a full-time job already, if that’s possible! Way to think outside the box, and hopefully more opportunities like this continue to show up on B/R!

  • jeremy

    Any word if there will be anything similar to college football?

  • Ryan Jelley

    Any chance this happens for College Football.

  • Joe Willett

    If I didn’t have to be at every in-season practice, I would be there in a heartbeat. If only there weren’t stupid college to attend, I would be all over that. Now I wish I didn’t already send in the application, however, it would be a great confidence boost if they do contact me back about it.

  • Efrem Owens

    WOW! This is fantastic news. This a great opportunity for 32 lucky folks to prove they are the best of the best. Unfortunately, and with great regret, I won’t be able to enter into this particular competition.

  • chase ruttig

    Great news, can Canadians apply? Also if this happened for NBA I would be there in a heartbeat

  • Lisa Horne

    Great idea….but a 400 buck a week stipend wouldn’t cover gas and food if you’re more than a 45 min. trip away from a team-it’s a minimum 40 hr work week.

    However…..this is a great opp for college grads with minimal job offers…it would be wonderful to see a person with great writing skills go for it! I can’t wait to see who gets picked!

    Good luck everyone! Go for it!

    I’m rooting for everyone!

  • BetYourSport

    This is an absolutely phenomenal idea!

  • http://BetSportsWeb ryan

    Very cool…

    I wish everyone good luck and can’t wait to see your articles for the football season!

  • Mike

    When is evaluation period?

  • Robert

    I’ve already applied for the job. I think this is a great opportunity, to do something I do for free anyway. But to get paid to do something you love is truly a gift. Hopefully, I can make the cut and get to work.

  • Ms.Bethany C. Williams

    I immediately applied as soon as I was informed regarding the Correspondence opportunity to work with the NFL. I am confident that my background,experience,loyal to sports especially football and my ability to cover,research and write terrific articles,blogs and stories will earn me a spot to work with the respective team(s) of my choice.

  • Robert

    Great new add on to allow b/r members to send each other a message.

  • Robert

    Hello, When will you announce who got the new b/r NFL writer jobs? How soon before July 1? Thanks

  • Robert Domaine

    It’s now July 1, 2009 and still no word about the job? This is strange because those of us who applied for the job, were expected to be ready to start working today. I don’t understand or know what is going on with the job.