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Mar 14 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schwartz is the top bracketologist in the country

Now that we know who made it, who missed out and who’s playing who in the NCAA Tournament, the question on your mind is almost certainly this one: Which bracketologist came the closest to correctly predicting the 68 teams that made the field?

Jordan Schwartz, whose picks for Bleacher Report and Fox Sports topped the standings at the Bracket Project.

Schwartz was the only one of 89 bracketologists in the Bracket Project contest to call 67 of the 68 teams correctly. Schwartz’s only miss was Colorado. The spot Schwartz thought should have gone to the Buffaloes went instead to Clemson. Schwartz writes that he can’t see an argument for Clemson making the Tournament, but he’s not going to cry about it because bubble teams like those two aren’t worth the effort. “It’s like trying to pick the best Stuart Scott catchphrase,” Schwartz writes, “there just aren’t too many good ones from which to choose.”

Schwartz has been writing for Bleacher Report for three years — in fact, his first piece had his predictions for the field of the 2008 NCAA Tournament. You can get his first book, “Memoirs of the Unaccomplished Man,” at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse.