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Jun 13 / King Kaufman

NFL Insider Michael Lombardi’s advice: What Stephen King wrote

Michael LombardiMichael Lombardi writes for, where he’s one of its “NFL Insiders.” He’s also a frequent contributor to the NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access.”

But he didn’t get the writing gig because he was a standout at the Iowa Writers Workshop or anything. He’s an expert. He headed the personnel departments for the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns and he’s also worked for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos.

So he’s got a lot in common with Bleacher Report writers, many of whom are with the site because it’s a way for them to pursue their passions and interests, not because they have literary ambitions. In fact, Lombardi has been a Bleacher Report writer.

Full disclosure: I haven’t asked him if he has literary ambitions. Maybe he does!

What I did ask Lombardi for is his best advice for writers. That advice is simple and, best of all, something you can act on before you get out of the chair you’re sitting in:

My best advice really comes from Stephen King and his book “On Writing,” where he tells all writers to write every day, at least 1,000 words.  And read two books a week — which will then help you write better.

My recipe: Buy the King book, write every day and read two books a week.

I’m lucky if I can read two books in a year, though I read a ton online.

What about you? How much do you read, and has it helped you as a writer? Do you write 1,000 words or more every day? Has that helped? I bet it has, but I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

  • King Kaufman

    Update: I asked, and Lombardi does have literary ambitions! “I’m working on a book now,” he emailed. “I love to write.”

  • Cian Fahey

    That’s really cool. Lombardi is one of my preferred analysts. He tends to speak a lot of sense and is a great part of the BS Report also with Bill Simmons.

    Seeing that he had 91 articles and only got 9k readers makes me feel like a god :P (just kidding for anyone that doesn’t pick up on that!)

    • Karlo Sevilla

      An average of 98.901098901 reads per article…must be good enough. :)

      • Karlo Sevilla

        Oops! Let’s be exact. It’s 9,826 reads for 91 articles. So, that makes it 107.97802198 reads/article. :)

        Just kidding, too. Like Cian. :D

  • Jon Sainz

    Thank you.

    I did ask if you could get his advice when you asked for suggestions and it here we have it. He’s probably my favorite writer.

    Also when you asked for our advice I gave almost the same advice as him: read, though I never said two books a week (who has time for that?).

    Keep up the good work.

    PD: just out of curiosity could you get advice from Lee Child?

  • Linus

    That’s great advice. Reading a great book can add a great deal to your perspective and can even enrich your vocabulary.