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Jul 25 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report CEO Brian Grey visits SIACast podcast

Brian Grey

Brian Grey

Bleacher Report CEO Brian Grey stopped in for Silicon Alley Insider’s SAICast podcast’s 100th show in New York last week, talking to hosts Jay Yarow and Nicholas Carlson about what goes on around here.

Yarow and Carlson start by saying there’s a lot of criticism of Bleacher Report and asking Grey how he defends the site.

“I don’t feel we really have to defend anything,” Grey says. “There’s a lot of misperception about who we are and what we do and how we do it.”

The trio talk about how Bleacher Report is different from other sports media companies, about slideshows, about the expertise of fans vs. “experts,” and about how Bleacher Report has grown over the last year.

It’s worth a listen, whether you’re writing for B/R, reading/viewing it or think it’s a sign of the End Times.

  • Bytor 16

    You may not feel it necessary to defend B/R, but there is a lot of politics and favoritism going on here. It seems that B/R refuses to promote talented, hard-working writers, all the while promoting, and even PAYING, inferior writers. This site has become a joke and a punchline amongst legitimate sites and writers.

    I’ve left the site and hope that you, and the rest of the B/R hierarchy will re-evaluate the way you do business.