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Jul 26 / King Kaufman

Upgrade to the Writer Ranking System coming SOON!

We get a lot of questions from Bleacher Report writers about how they can move up, say, from Contributor to Columnist. Writers want to know exactly how these labels work.

We haven’t always had great answers for these questions. But that’s about to change. We’ve got a new ranking system that is set to launch this week, and we want to give you a little preview we go live with it.

Why we’re doing this: B/R’s Writer Ranking System is designed to help Bleacher Report writers track their career progress both on a personal basis and in comparison to their peers in the B/R community. What we’re trying to do with this upgrade is provide more transparency to writers about what they can do to advance to the next level of sportswriting.

The basic ingredient is points.

Our new system awards points to writers for the following things:

  • Receiving medals
  • Writing consistently
  • Winning top writer awards for eligible leagues and teams

What are points for? Points help you advance to the next writer title. So, for example if you’re a Contributor and want to advance to Analyst, earning points will get you there.Important: The title you have now is not changing!

If you’re an Analyst today, you’ll be an Analyst when we launch the new system. If you’re a Featured Columnist, you’ll be a Featured Columnist, and so on.

As always, there may be a kink here or there as we roll this feature out to all of our writers. If you see something amiss once the new system launches, let us know. We’ll be listening, and our smart people will work hard to make sure that the transition goes smoothly for everyone.

  • Eitan Katz


  • Dan Bodner

    Gunning for that No. 1 spot.

  • Mark Jones

    “•Winning top writer awards for eligible leagues and teams” – I’m not sure I trust this system yet, and I’m not comfortable with having it play a role in my status as a writer. So far, I’ve recieved “Honorable Mention” awards as a “top writer” for the Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, and Tampa Bay Lightning…yet absolutely no awards at all for being the #1 Writer for the Carolina Hurricanes, my FC team, which I’ve “won” every month for at least two years running. What’s wrong with that picture? Please help me find out why, and fix it.

  • George Bumgarner

    Nice, I was wondering how to get upgraded and now I know.

    I just need to be more consistent with my writing, I’ll have an article get 3k views, then some not even 500. Hopefully I can improve that.

  • Randy Chambers

    Good stuff. Now I’m just wondering when you guys will start responding to the featured columnist applications.

    • Anonymous

      Someone should be looking at your application today.

  • Charlie Melman

    I just wrote my best article by far in terms of comments, and I got my first ever gold medal for it, plus a silver for reads. Is this going to net me 0 points because it was published just before the system is giong to go live?

    • King Kaufman

      Once the new system goes live, you can earn medals on anything, including older content, and you’ll get points for those medals

  • Michael

    Good to hear, but one question: Is it possible to downgrade?