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Jul 29 / Dave Morrison

Writer Reward Count Update

Since we announced the new Writer Reward System yesterday, we’ve heard from a number of writers who were concerned that our process for establishing starting levels and points didn’t take into account their last several weeks of work. After giving this some thought, we agree.

Today, we’re going to be making a one-time update to better reflect points earned in the last several months, when we started our Top Writers Awards. So, any writers that have earned medals, top writer awards or consistency awards since May 1 will retroactively receive points for their work.

All the work you did prior to May 1 was calculated by the old system, which determined your ranking on the site (Contributor, Correspondent, etc.). We factored these old titles into the new system, which gives you credit for all of your past work on B/R.

For those that like math, your point totals today are based on this:

Prior title + points earned since May 1 = your new writer ranking on B/R

  • Adam Fromal

    Glad to hear that you listened to the feedback Dave. One quick question though: I jumped to FC II and I was curious how to get the sweatshirt reward. Any insight?

    • Dave Mo

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the comment!

      We are just gearing up this new program. Keep a look out for sweatshirt updates within the next two to three weeks. They are coming soon! We appreciate your patience as we get this new system rolling.

      This is very exciting stuff!


      Dave Mo, Community Manager

      • Adam Fromal

        Just so you know, the system still is giving me points for any Hot Reads medals and I know a few other people are having the same problem. No worries at all though, I completely understand the new system bugs.

  • Carl Stine

    Great stuff. Great concept. Now bring on the football…

  • C-CooL

    Great! Thanks for changing it, I like it a lot better now. I’ve now gone from a Contributor to a Senior Analyst overnight.

  • TC Vreeland

    it currently shows that I have 460 points, which seems very low seeing how I won the Top Writer award for Pro Wrestling in May. Since May I also have a Diamond medal, four Ruby medals, three Sapphire Medals, three Platinum medals, 11 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals, and 12 Bronze medals. By my calculations I should have 1530 points, just wondering why I don’t have them when everyone else seems to have been updated.

    • Dave Mo

      Hey TC,

      Thanks for the update! There is a chance that the system hasn’t updated everyone’s profile fully yet (as it can take some time to process everyone on the site). Most writers should be updated fully by now but there still may be a few that still need to be fully processed.

      In the meantime I would be more than happy to take a look at your profile and make sure we didn’t miss anything. I apologize for any inconvenience.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


      Dave Mo, Community Manager

      • TC Vreeland

        Thanks Dave,

        I’m sure it will work itself out, or there is an explaination as to why I have fewer points. Either way, please feel free to contact me when the issue is resolved.


  • puck32

    Why would I go from a correspondent III to a correspondent II from this morning to this afternoon? Just curious. Thanks in advance.

    • Dave Mo

      Hey Puck,

      This system doesn’t take points away for any reason. Seems like there may be a few bugs with the transition. I profusely apologize for the inconvenience.

      Could you please email me a link to your profile? I’ll be happy to see what the issue is.


      Dave Mo, Community Manager

  • Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Very confused with my point update. Yesterday, I wasn’t getting point updates on articles published before the new system came into effect, and now I am. Also, I seem to have more points than I should…my medal give me 200 points, and I’ve earned 7 medals since July 27th, so that should come out to 270, not 330. Not asking for a point reduction, just tryin to figure out what’s going on…

    • Mohamed Al-Hendy

      Actually sorry, I think I misunderstood a bit. If my points since May 1st are added together, I should have 530 from medals, and 200 from badges. So still confused. as to why I’m at 330, not 730.

  • Ryan Frye

    A similar thing that happened to Puck32 happened to me as well. I went from being an Analyst III to an Analyst I.

    Here is a link to my profile:


  • Rize

    Thanks Morrison I was a little puzzled on the system you went by. Uunfortunately, my account is suffering from internal server errors and I am unable to write. If it had not been for a friend, I wouldn’t have any knowledge of this update. Is the problem being resolved? Here’s my account,

    • Rize

      And like Ryan, I’ve also dropped a level. From Senior Analyst level three to level two

  • Davis Zhao

    Great update, May was a good time to start Dave.

  • Dave Carlson

    I was on a hiatus while working on a neuroscience research project that I told Adam Hirshfield about. With this update, I went from FC to basically nothing, even though I’m still in the site’s top 500 writers (read count, 238K reads) and six months ago I published a boxing article that was the lead story on the whole site’s front page, and brought the site over 50,000 reads. I’ve gotten 1 Ruby, 8 platinum, 6 gold, 16 silver, and 26 bronze medals through 48 articles in the past year.

    So I am at 340 points and Correspondent 1 level, and by my calculations I’m probably about half a million reads away from Featured Columnist level again. Meanwhile, someone like Justin Tate (whose work I respect greatly, but whom I spent quite a bit of time helping get started on the site and becoming an FC, and who still has fewer overall reads than me) retained his FC status. Do I seriously need to work my way up through the ranks and get probably half a million more reads (without featured placement) just to get back to where I was?

    That’s a very discouraging prospect considering all I contributed to BR before starting my research project in February, and makes me think that it might be more worthwhile to take my writing elsewhere. I think it’s a mistake to ignore all accolades and contributions prior to the last 3 months.

  • Highlundah

    To drop from a Featured Columnist to Analyst I and still be a CL still says there are a lot of flaws in the system. It SHOULD take into account a writers history – yes it may be possible to rise or fall but to drop from FC to Analyst I from one season to the next is pure garbage plain and simple.

    Give writers credit for their history and get it right if you want them to write – right?

  • Chinmay

    Hi Dave,

    I am a featured columnist for Pro Wrestling section. According the medals I have got since May 1, my points should be around 700, however in reality it is just 310. Could you please enlighten me? Here is a link to my profile,

  • msnarun

    i have 16 medals so far.the points calculation page tells i will be awarded 10 points per gem level. i am awarded only 150 points so far.please check and account and clarify my doubt.

    • Mhintegra72

      They way I understand it, u should have 270 points…

  • Rickbrokaw

    I too have an issue with this. Since May I have accumulated: 3 Silver Hot Reads and 3 Bronze Hot Reads. According to the new system of 10 pts/ level I should have 90 points total. Instead I only have 40…

  • Jbgiles

    Why doesn’t the Oakland Raiders page have honorable mentions? What is the criteria and has it been applied correctly?

    • Jbgiles

      Did anyone have time to answer my question? Thanks.

  • Kevin Hess

    I seem to be having the same problem as many others.

    Just adding up my medal points I came up with 160 points. Yet I’m only listed with having 90 points.

    I have 3 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze since June. Thats 90+40+30=160

  • Kelly Scaletta

    I’m confused, I have 850K reads, 300 medals and 740 points. How specifically is my work being accurately reflected again?

    • Adam Fromal

      It’s only including your prior title plus the points you’ve earned since May 1, so unless all of those medals are since then, they aren’t all included.

      • msnarun

        All my awards were after May 1st only. can u help in this?

      • Kelly

        Why is it that none of our work prior to May 1st counts for anything? That kind of sucks for those of us who put a lot of work into it before then.

        • Dave Carlson

          I totally agree. I have 250K reads, over 50 medals, and I’ve dropped down to 340 points. I’m disgusted by this new system. What about the people who helped build Bleacher Report from the ground up?

  • leoflorkowski


    My point total is off as well. Plus how do we know how many points we had prior to May 1st?

    Leo Florkowski

  • Mrdarcyfournier

    Everyone should have stayed at the level they were at and then progressed with the new system from there.

    This was astonishingly poorly managed and executed.

    • Dave Carlson

      I absolutely agree. Astonishing.

    • Dave Mo

      Hey Mddarcyfournier,

      Everyone actually did stay at their proper level (Correspondent, Analyst, etc.) in the old system and we used that ranking as the starting point for the new system.

      That way, no one lost credit for their past work, as their past work was calculated into their ranking.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this transition.

      We are aware there are current issues with points and levels, and we are working on that as we speak. Please see my note above to help clarify.


      Dave Mo, Community Manager

      • Mrdarcyfournier


        Gotta hand it to you. You have handled the criticism with class and dignity and you did not shy away from any comments.

        My compliments.

    • Patrick

      Very well stated and to the point. I could NOT agree more! Disappointing..

  • Craig

    Yeah I seem to be having the same problem others are having. I counted up my total and I should have 550 points but it says I only have 130. Feel free to double check my account in case I missed something.

    Craig Chapman

  • Kevin Stonebarger

    For some reason, I’m only getting points from Great Debates, and not Hot Reads. Can you please fix this? It’s not fair to me or others with the same problem if we’re supposed to be higher than we are.

  • George Anderson

    yep I’m lost. so what does my past title count as?

  • Kelly Scaletta

    I added up my medals and what not since May 1.

    Sapphire: 2
    Platinum: 5
    Gold: 7
    Silver: 18

    Bronze: 13

    Additionally there should be another 100 points for being part of the NBA playoff team, and #3 on the Bulls list.

    That’s 1090 points.

    So why am I showing 740?

    • Jeff W

      same issue.

      Bronze: 13 (130 points)
      Silver: 7 (140 points)
      Gold: 1 (30 points)
      Team Award: 3 (450 points)

      850 points

  • Vee Jay

    Before 1st May, I was a correspondent. So ok you fit me at the lowest level of correspondent viz Correspondent I i.e. 300 points.
    From first May, 7 of my articles have some medals and they add upto 5 bronze, 5 silver, 1 platinum and 1 sapphire = 240 points.
    So my total should be 540 points. But you are showing 440. Please clarify.

  • Zachdirlam

    When do the writing points update? I just received 2nd and 3rd place in a team based writing competition along with a bronze medal, but still have the same amount of points that I had yesterday.

  • Jordan Matthews

    I should currently be Correspondent level three, and am currently a contributor level three.

  • Trevorjackthibodeau

    I have been accumulating points but they are not being added to my point tracker. I am still at the same point mark I was after you guys updated it three days ago. I have received medals and badges and other stuff to gain points but I have not been credited with them.

    • Zachdirlam

      same here man

  • Dave Carlson

    Just to hit on a point that Kelly S and I have been discussing.

    The article says “We factored these old titles into the new system, which gives you credit for all of your past work on B/R.”

    Yet former FC’s like Kelly and I have dropped down about 6-10 places on the ranking system. Both of us had good reasons for a short-term hiatus, and in spite of bringing in hundreds of thousands of reads (850K for Kelly, 250K for me), and tons of medals (300 for Kelly, over 50 for me).

    I fail to see how demoting some of the people who helped build this site from the ground up “gives you credit for all of your past work on B/R.” My article on the 100 greatest pound for pound boxers of all time (which I spent over 30 hours writing… for free) has brought the site 50K reads, 200+ comments, and who knows how much money. Kelly’s contributions have been far greater.

    For us to have to get hundreds of thousands more reads just to get our articles the Featured placement that we clearly earned the first time is very upsetting. My thoughtful analysis of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Sergio Martinez pound-for-pound situation has struggled to get 250 reads over a 3-day span, whereas writers who just joined the site and happened to contribute a lot between May and now are getting near featured placement for work that didn’t even warrant a FC promotion according to the site’s editors.

    This site has been built on the backs of people who were willing to contribute for free during the several years that it took Bleacher Report to reach the level it’s at now. As such, many of us have full-time jobs or other concerns that at times hindered our ability to continue to write during that span. This new system, which is supposed to give you credit for “all your past work on B/R” clearly falls short of that goal. It rewards people who cover sports whose seasons happened to coincide with the arbitrary May 1-present period, so people who had good reasons for not being able to contribute much FREE work to this site during that span are reduced to almost nothing, whereas new people who could have joined the site two months ago are rewarded with the premier positions in the site’s new hierarchy.

    Most of the comments on this post are about a few hundred points’ worth of discrepancies. That’s trivial to me, and a few perceived slights are always part of implementing a new system. But when you have stories like those of Kelly S and I – both of whom earned our placement, and who are part of the reason why B/R has had the money to hire these new staff members and attract these new writers who are behind the new system – leaves a bad taste in your mouth and seems very unjust. Both Kelly S and I earned our Featured Columnist titles. To have them taken away and being reduced to the level of almost being newcomers again, because of incidental occurrences, is wrong.

    • Dave Mo

      Hey Dave,

      I understand your frustration. Thank you for sharing your concerns and more importantly for alerting us to this issue.

      Leaving the FC program is something different then dropping levels. As you can tell from the scale page, there are two scales for a writer on the site, and those to scales would be (a) writer and (b) FC.

      The good news is, once you go back to being an FC you start right where you left off with all your points earned since May 1, plus the FC ranking. However if you did most of your work as an FC and you then leave the program, you have to start earning points on the “writer” scale.

      I hope that makes sense.

      To follow that up, we don’t feel that is fair. We are currently looking for a fair solution for the very small group of writers who leave or left the FC program after producing a lot of work in that role as those points and medals are not counted on the “writer” scale.

      Regardless, we hope to get this system right and make sure it is fair as possible.


      Dave Mo, Community Manager

      • Kelly Scaletta

        Dave, just in case you miss it above. I never left the F/C. I just took a couple of months off after my mother died.

        • Dave Carlson

          OK, I see. I think I got your post confused with Highlundah’s.

      • Dave Carlson

        Hi Dave, I’m just a bit confused about how it all goes. I was a Featured Columnist (albeit an inactive one) the day before the rankings change, so I don’t think I ever left the FC program. I had logged on and started a draft for a new article that day, so I remember that I still had the FC title.

        I’m just curious because in another comment you said that everyone retained their titles from the old system, and you used that as the starting point for the new system, but by that criterion, Tyler Curtis and I (both boxing featured columnists) should still be FC’s.

        I’m fine with my 340 points if it’s counted as being at the FC level and I stay at Featured Columnist status. But the 340 at the lower level is very discouraging, given the time and energy I have put in (I was promoted to FC initially after only 4 articles because Adam recognized the quality and work I put into my boxing writing) and honestly I’d probably start to take my work to boxingscene or 15 Rounds or something if I don’t get reinstated as an FC.

        I realize this is probably just a case of bad timing because I had written 2 articles in the second-to-last week of April before I went on hiatus to start my 5-month neuroscience research project, so I left at the exact time the new ratings seem based on.

        I’m not mad, or anything, but I think given my particular circumstances, I think a special consideration should be given to my case and I should retain my FC status, even as FC I (which is fine with me). I’m back in a state where I can contribute at least 2 articles a week, and I’d like it to be for Bleacher Report as a Featured Columnist.

    • Kelly Scaletta

      Thanks Dave,

      I just want to clarify that I’ve actually retatined my F/C status, but I’m only level one as though I’m starting from scratch there.

  • Dave Mo

    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you for the feedback and additional alerts. We are still compiling all the reports of miscalculation when we went in to add the retroactive points since May 1.

    Unfortunately, this glitch with the change over has created an error with point totals. We profusely apologize for the inconvenience.

    We hope to have everyone’s accurate point totals and ranking by the middle of this week.

    The important things to know:

    1) No one will be moved down a level. If you have dropped with the recent updates we made, we will have it corrected soon. Your patience while we iron out this new system is greatly appreciated!

    2) To clarify, all of your past work on B/R was calculated into your writer ranking on the site (Correspondent, Analyst, etc.) via the old system. We then carried that status over as your starting level in the new system.

    If anyone is still confused by this process, please feel free to post below and I will be happy to elaborate.

    We know that point totals have been inaccurate over the weekend and we are still working hard to get this issue corrected as soon as we can. For anyone that dropped down any levels, don’t worry as we will have you back at the accurate level very shortly.

    Again, I profusely apologize for the bumpy transition but I am thrilled to see our community weigh in on this new feature and help make sure we get it right.

    Please post any additional questions or concerns below.


    Dave Mo, Community Manager

    • Kelly Scaletta

      David, I think what’s confusing is that it’s not apparent in our scores. I have 800 points. Based solely on my 412 ribbons of any kind I should have at least 4,120 points, and that’s just if they were all bronze.

      But here’s another problem that I have with it. The way it gives the same amount of credit to an article going up a medal grade as for gaining the first medal.

      Follow me here.

      Someone gets a sapphire medal and that means they had to get 25,000 reads. For that they get 50 points. Someone else writes five articles that get 1,000 reads and gets the same 50 points. So 25,000 reads gets as much credit as 5,000 reads. Shouldn’t the point value of the medal go up accordingly with the difficulty of the medal?

      The reason I point this out is that current system encourages quantity over quality. If I can work less hard to get more points, why wouldn’t I do that? It’s also going to mean that the F/C’s are going to be coming form volume writers, not quality writers.

      I hope I’m not seeming to harsh here, but I’ve spent a year writing here, and as a top 100 writer in reads, and a top 10 writer in comments, I think I’ve earned some latitude.

      So these are the two things I really wish would be taken into account here.

      1. All our work should be reflected on our writer page. It would make us feel better. I know that you said that it has been, but I wouldn’t be a Level I FC if all my work was being scored. I should between III and IV.

      2. I think the Gem level rewards should reflect how hard they are to get.

      Anyway. You’ve always been reasonable and I’m trying to not get overwrought on all of this, but it’s a heck of a lot of work I’ve put into this site, and I’d just like to see it reflected.

      Kelly Scaletta.

      • Kelly Scaletta

        OK. I just calculated my totals

        I have 1 Ruby, 6 Sapphire, 10 Ruby, 60 Gold, 179 Silver and 157 Bronze medals. That would come out 7710 points. Adding 200 points for the prizes I should have 7910 points.

        Trust me, I’d be pushing like nobody’s business if I was 90 points away form getting an interview for a paid position! I’d love to get paid by B/R!


  • Isaac Smith

    So… same question as a couple people already asked… but when are these points added for receiving medals and/or being a top writer for a team, just wondering?

  • Vee Jay

    Dave Mo, how can you say everyone remained at their old level? Considering the new system has three tiers of correspondents, what was the rationale in fitting all correspondents under category I?
    So here’s me with double the number of reads and at least three times the number of comments of another writer. He has about half my number of medals and none higher than gold and I have diamond, ruby, sapphire, platinum etc medals, you fit him and me under category I? Initially I was shown at category III but soon you demoted me to his level. Why?
    You call this fair?
    And the system is totally messed up and not even counting the points from May 1st properly. Hot reads are not being counted.

    • A F

      Do you ever do anything but complain? Both here and the forum. Dave clearly explained it his latest post.

  • Adam MacDonald

    I’m glad that some past performance prior to May 1 was considered, but if you are a FC, you don’t have rankings such as Contributor or Correspondent. Therefore, we don’t get any points for our work before May 1.

  • Maryk666

    According to a survey released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fewer Americans are drinking and driving, but one in six drivers are driving while on drugs during the weekend. The data was released from a survey conducted in 2007….

  • Allen

    So when dies this update? Still sitting on the number i was given to start with and have earned more points over the past week…

  • Arun M

    i have 1 gold medal,9 silver medals and 11 bronze points total is 170. but according to my calculation, the points should be 320. all these medals came after May 1st!

    this is my profile

  • Ed

    At the moment my problem is fairly minor, it has only cost me 80 points, by my calculations, but it keeps happening. I am only getting credit for some of my medals, and the original point calculation was a bit low.
    Here’s my profile:

    • Ed

      Well now I’m down to 50 points When, by my reckoning, I should have 230 since May 1st.

  • Max Minsker

    Ok, right now it says I have 610 writer points, but by my count I believe I should have 1,080 since May 1st. I have 20 Bronze medals, 13 Silver medals, 6 Gold medals, 1 Platinum medal, and 2 Sapphire medals. I also participated on 1 invite only coverage team (NBA Draft), and wrote at least one article for 9 straight days during NBA draft week. I was the No. 3 writer for the Timberwolves in July, and the No. 1 Syracuse football writer which ended up never counting. Here’s a link to my profile, you can check all of it.

  • Evan LeBlanc

    Hey any update on when the monthly awards will be added to our point total? I won two and was wondering when the system will correct itself.

  • Alison Myers

    Last night, I had 400 points and had my #3 Pittsburgh Penguins writer badge from May, 2011. But when I logged in today, my Penguins writer badge was gone and I am dropped back down to 100 points. Can someone look at this for me?

    • Adam MacDonald

      Same thing happened to me within the last 15 minutes. Let’s hope it’s just a problem they’ll soon sort out.

  • Nick Caron

    I had over 2,000 points the other day and now I have 750.

    Yeah, I don’t get this. Hahaha.

  • Reservoirgod

    I was a Contributor III on Monday w/ 110 points and now I’m down to a Contributor II w/ 60 points. What happened?

  • Eddie G.

    OK, in the past week or so since the new ranking system has come out…I have gone from a Correspondent III, to a Correspondent II and now to a Correspondent I. Just curious as to what was going on with that in the new system and my rankings there. Thanks in advance.

  • Luis Herrera

    The system seems to have some bugs. I noticed my points total a few hours ago and I had 650, which was consistent with the Correspondent level (which I got in February, then was changed to Featured Columnist in March and “demoted” back to Correspondent when I requested a short break due to lack of time in May) and the articles I posted since May 1st.

    I posted an article and my total went to 670. However, now I just entered my profile and I only has 390 points.

  • Zachdirlam

    I went from Analyst level 3 with 1510 points, then dropped back to 1110 and analyst 1. I had 1190 points last night and when I woke up this morning and checked I was back to 1110. There is something wrong with the point system.

  • Julian Radbourne

    I’m also lost. My points total keeps going up and down.

  • Luis Herrera

    I found another problem: I have 680 points since Saturday. After that I’ve earned two medals and reached five days publishing in a row, but there is no change in my score.