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Aug 8 / King Kaufman

Paid Content’s guide to ebook publishers

Detail from Paid Content ebook publishers graphicIf you read about Emma Span’s succes as an ebook author in this space last week and you’re contemplating a similar project for yourself, take a look at Paid Content’s Guide to e-singles.

The guide, posted late last month, compares the various outfits that are offering ebook publishing at the moment and briefly outlines some of the issues involved in the ebook market.

It might not be everything you need to know, but we’re building up a nice set of resources around here. It’s a good companion to Robert Niles’ three-part guide to ebook publishing at the Online Journalism Review site and author and Bleacher Report guest columnist Doug Merlino’s how to publish a Kindle ebook in 7 easy steps.

Remember, the first step is always the same: Have a subject worth writing an ebook about.