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Aug 19 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: B/R writers just wanna have fun

Ladies and gentlemen: The Baltimore Orioles

Ladies and gentlemen: The Baltimore Orioles

I think the best thing about Bleacher Report is that it’s fun. It’s entertaining. Let’s close out the week with a couple of Shoutouts to pieces that are just a stone good time.

Asher Chancey takes a fun idea that could have fallen flat and hits a home run by comparing every MLB team to a classic ’80s rock band.

What I like about this slideshow is that there’s actually some commentary mixed in with the jokes. There really is a parallel between the Chicago Cubs and—stretching the definition of classic ’80s rock band a bit—the Grateful Dead: “The music isn’t all that great, the fans are obnoxious and everyone is either drunk or stoned, but the stadiums continue to sell out, show after show.”

The comparisons of the San Diego Padres with AC/DC, the Oakland A’s with the Smiths and the Los Angeles Dodgers with Fleetwood Mac are a lot more cogent, baseball-wise, than you might think at first glance.

Important warning: Clicking on the link above leads you straight into the teeth of a photo of a fully emoting Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey. That took a year off my life, so proceed with caution.

And who says Bleacher Report can’t do the Internet meme thing? Well, no one, but the “we get no respect” card plays so well in sports. Anyway, here’s Timothy Rapp taking the khaki pants guy from the Georgetown-China basketball brawl and
letting him go to work.