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Aug 25 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: Every NFL starting QB as a hip-hop star, plus MLB, MMA, NHL

Nicki Minaj

Can she beat a 3-4 defense?

Some Shoutouts in the midst of a busy week.

I can’t think of a better way to analyze NFL starting quarterbacks then by comparing each of them to a hip-hop artist, and Gordon Block does just that.

Until now I’ve never really looked at Mark Sanchez and thought of Nicki Minaj, and I don’t ever plan to again, but it was fun to do it once.

In a nice bit of forward-looking analysis, Jeffrey Beckmann reviews one offseason move every MLB general manger is contemplating.

Some are easy, like the Cardinals re-signing Albert Pujols. Some are hard, like what would you do if you were running the Mets, Astros or Royals?

Brandon McClintock brings massive amounts of video in this slideshow of the most hilarious baseball bloopers.

Another huge video compilation that you can use to waste an entire afternoon: The 50 Greatest Submissions in MMA History by The Most Iconic Player in the History of Each NHL Franchise, by Joseph DeLuca.

Edmonton Oilers: Easy. Florida Panthers: Hard.