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Aug 29 / King Kaufman

Brainstorm: Which teams need to redesign their logo?

New York Jets helmet

Yeah? No?

If I wanted to, I could spend a couple of hours arguing with Bleacher Report culture boss and Boston native Rollin Herold about how the New England Patriots need to redesign their ugly, Postal Service-looking logo, or at least just get back to the awesome old Minuteman logo.

And I must want to because that describes a good chunk of my Monday so far.

Now it’s your turn. That’s right, it’s slideshow brainstorming time. Help us figure out:

What are the 20 teams in sports that need to redesign their logo?

Update: Here is Timothy Rapp’s slideshow, The 20 Worst Logos in Sports.

  • Carl

    Any college football team that uses cursive or some other soft looking font in their scheme…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Carl, but come on. Be specific!

      • Carl

        Rice, Maryland, Mississippi. Also OKC could use a makeover int he NBA, as well as the Heat.

  • Mark Jones

    NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers. Sure, they don’t have much to work with with that name, but the logo is baffingly pointless.

  • Drew

    HOUSTON ROCKETS. Everything about their logo, colors, the whole nine yards, needs to be redone. Just awful.

  • Rickbrokaw

    The Cleveland Browns. They have no real logo and their color of choice is ugly!

  • Joel Reuter

    The Syracuse Chiefs, I wrote an article about the 50 worst baseball logos a while back and that one was hilariously bad.

  • Patrick Runge

    NFL – Browns (any identity would help), Ravens (the shield logo with the Maryland flag was much better, lawsuit be damned), Jaguars (too circular and indistinct)
    MLB – Blue Jays (every redesign since the World Series has made it worse), Astros (mystifying logo, hideous color scheme)
    NCAA – Maryland (the turtle shell helmet is an improvement, but the script “Terps” is weak), North Carolina State (we get it, you want to emphasize the “state” bit. But putting the N and the C in the middle makes it a mess), Baylor (if you’re going to rock green and gold, your logo has to be something interesting), Illinois (dear Illini: the Giants changed their look. You should too), Eastern Michigan (hello, high school look), Mississippi (look, your neighbors from Starkville don’t need to abbreviate your state’s name, you don’t either), Idaho (with a nickname like Vandals, you’d think you could get cooler and more menacing than that)
    NBA – Bobcats (yes, in fact, they are an NBA team, with a mess of a look), Pacers (if you’re going with a car nickname, go with a car motif), Clippers (ditto with naming your team after a ship), Bucks (logo is adequate, but why go with Christmas colors), Wizards (return to the Bullets look is brilliant, but ditch the ridiculous “wizard” graphic)
    NHL – Coyotes (assuming no relocation, the howling yote is uninspiring)
    MLS – Rapids (if your nickname is a body of water, shouldn’t there be water in the logo?), Earthquakes (a soccer ball with a sunburst? your nickname is Earthquakes, for heavens sake, do something cool with a Richter scale motif)

    Sorry, my inner logo nerd came out there.

  • Joshua Graber

    The L.A. Clippers. It is so plain and simple, with very little character. Besides, I feel the Clips need a whole new image — you know, get out of the shadow of the Lakers. Perhaps relocating is the answer??

  • Rufus T. Firefly

    I don’t like how the Cleveland Indians logo makes me feel cultural guilt when I look at it.

  • Jmc7789

    Washington Redskins and Cleavland Indians: Indian themes gotta go.
    OKC Thunder: Boring-where’s the lightning bolts and stuff?
    Trailblazers: what?
    Washington Natioals: New team-could have been a little more creative then a cursive W
    Cleavland Cavs: it’s just ugly. Uglier then watching the cavs play.
    Cleavland Browns: So is it about the color or a dog? I need a logo to get what’s going on.
    Miami Heat: I don’t mind the heats logo, but obviously they should have changed stuff with the big 3 to make big money.

  • Charles Bennett

    The Clippers (because it looks like the Lakers), the Nets (boring as hell), the Nats (see Nets), the Raiders (because of its association with gangs), the Lightning (uninspired), and the Florida Panthers (because something’s gotta change when a team sucks that badly)