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Sep 6 / King Kaufman

New York Office Hours writers meet-up set for Sept. 22

Robert Lipsyte

Robert Lipsyte

New York-area Bleacher Report writers, save the date: We’ll be having an Office Hours writers meet-up in Manhattan on Thursday evening, Sept. 22. (See the update below for more details.)

All approved B/R writers are welcome to drop in and meet me, each other and some other Bleacher Report people. We’ll also welcome author, longtime New York Times sports columnist and frequent Bleacher Report Guest Columnist Robert Lipsyte as our guest.

If you’ve read Lipsyte’s new book, “An Accidental Sportswriter,” you know he’s got plenty to say about the sportswriting game.

Our idea for these Office Hours events is to keep them pretty informal, so Lipsyte won’t be giving a speech or anything, but it’ll be a great chance for you to meet a very accomplished, very interesting and very nice guy of a writer.

A group Q&A session was a highlight of our first Office Hours in San Francisco, so we’ll invite Bob to take some questions this time.

I lobbied for Rio de Janeiro as the location for our next meet-up, but I’m pretty excited about coming to New York and meeting more of Bleacher Report’s writer community.

We’re still nailing down an exact time and location, so watch this space for details.

Update: We’ll meet at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Union Square, 116 E. 16th St. between Park Avenue South and Irving Place, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Think you’ll come? Leave a comment. Help us figure out how big a room to book.

  • Brandon Galvin

    I should be there. Any idea on a time?

  • Joe Rapolla Jr. (Broncos FC)

    I’d love to attend. Time & location?

  • Jared Dubin

    Need an exact time and place before I can commit to coming, although I’d like to.

  • Anonymous

    We’re working to nail down the spot. We should know in the next few days. I’ll put a comment here and write a new blog post as soon as we know.

    Time will probably be around 6 p.m. Possibly 7.

  • Ken Kraetzer

    Sounds good, will look forward to that. Ken Kraetzer

  • Rick Weiner

    I’ll be there, though I might be a few minutes late if it starts at 6.

  • Matt Saccaro

    MIGHT be able to make it, I work Thursdays so it’s no guarantee but I will try to get someone to cover my hours.

  • Peter Kleiss

    Once you name the time and place, I’ll be there.

  • Andrew Jordan

    I can possibly do it

  • Samantha Bunten

    I’m in.

  • Kristian Winfield

    I’m definitely in!

  • Josh Benjamin

    Count me in, King!

  • Robert Aitken

    I’m gonna try hard to make it. A few questions: what is the address of the building and how will we be able to identify ourselves with you guys so you know it is us?

  • Rdemmett

    I should be able to make it? Always good for an intern to meet the bosses I think

  • Tom Urtz

    Id love to show up. Just need the time and place.

  • Mikey Walkusky

    Any word on if an event like this will be happening in Southern California anytime soon?

  • Mikey Walkusky

    Any word on if an event like this will be happening in Southern California anytime soon?

  • Tom Loughrey

    If I can get a day or two off, I’ll make the trip down to NYC.

  • Tom Au

    I’d like to join you September 22.

  • Sheik Meah

    Oh I’m there! :-)

  • Mike Lynch (Golf FC)

    I’d love to attend. 6pm is a little early to get into the city.

    • King Kaufman

      It’ll be 6-9.


  • Josh Zerkle

    I’ll be in town for Blogs With Balls 4 and would love to be a part of this, not just to meet Robert but some of the other B/R writers as well. I’m in.

  • reservoir god

    I’m planning to attend the B/R Office Hours in NYC

  • Leo Vartorella

    Sounds great, I’d love to go.

  • Leo Vartorella

    Sounds great, I’d love to go.

  • Jake Silver

    I’d love to go

  • Michael Schottey

    Like a young Michael Jackson…I’ll be there

  • Joshua Zeidler

    Is Bleacher Report Hiring, I have an Masters Degree in Sports Management from University of San Francisco and Presently Live in San Francisco, CA My Phone Number is 415-264-3706 Thank you, Joshua Zeidler