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Sep 23 / King Kaufman

New York-area writers get wings, inspiration at Office Hours

Food trays

How we know we need more women writers: The chicken wings, pork sliders and hush puppies were all gone. The salad: Almost untouched.

A good time was had by all! Either that or the people who had a lousy time at our New York “Office Hours” writers meetup kept it to themselves.

About 50 of our favorite New York-area sportswriters met each other and some Bleacher Report staffers at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ near Union Square last night. It was our second Office Hours event, following the trailblazing meetup in San Francisco three months ago.

Longtime New York Times sports columnist Robert Lipsyte, who writes occasional columns for Bleacher Report, took the floor and urged his younger fellow writers to take advantage of Bleacher Report by taking chances, stretching as writers.

“Go ahead and write that piece,” he said, “that’s only going to get 127 hits, but it’s something that you care about and want to write about.”

Editor-in-chief Joe Yanarella and product manager Shanan Delp also spoke, and there was a lively Q&A session. Also, really good food.

We think we’re on to something with this Office Hours idea, and we’d like to have more meetups. Where do you think the next one should be? In the interest of promoting our world football coverage, I have suggested Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, though someplace a tad more domestic is far more likely.

What city should be next? Leave your suggestion in the comments and you might just influence our decision. Also, if anyone has good photos from last night, send them to me. I didn’t do a good job as a photographer.

  • Michael Schottey

    Somewhere by Jacksonville/Orlando/Gainesville

  • Gerard Martin


  • Sheng Peng

    Hey King, great to meet you last night. Terrific event! I’d suggest having quarterly or half-year meet-ups in NYC.

  • Jeff Langridge

    I’d have to say Toronto. At least I’d be able to go to that one.

    • Mark Pare

      Agreed, I’d definitely go to Toronto for a night!

  • Ely Sussman

    Considering that the next meetup will likely take place during the dead of winter, it seems only sensible to bring it to a warm-weather city. I suggest MIAMI!

  • Nick Goss

    Boston, the city of champions! And great food…

  • Justindavidtate


  • Joel Reuter

    Anywhere in the midwest would be awesome…I’m from the Chicago suburbs so that would be my ideal choice but anywhere within comfortable driving distance and I would love to be there.

  • Karl Matchett

    barcelona would do me for the world football coverage!!

  • Ken Kraetzer

    Great event on Thursday night in NYC. Very nice to meet Joe and King and many of the writers I have seen on the website. Lots of good discussion about writing, editing, and improvements. A number of ideas came up about more coverage of college teams beyond the top 25, photography, and the question of the night, can articles be tagged for more than one team?

    Overall the event made me feel connected to the people involved with B-R rather than just the website. As we know from our writting, it is always about the people. Maybe we should try gatherings at games some times. Maybe an outing to a Yankee game?

    • jonathan peralta

      I agree! gatherings at sporting events would be cool. Can we set something up? or how about we all get together to play a game of football or softball or whichever sport we all agree on.

  • Robert Quinn

    South Florida!!

  • bucky1984


  • Goffeclese


    • Kevin Goff

      Avs, Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, Rapids, Lacrosse, visited by the WWE frequently, Denver has it all going on and lots of us would love to have B/R come by!

  • Andrea Hangst

    I second Chicago, for sure.

  • Darrellhorwitz

    Chicago, but either on a Tuesday night, or a Saturday night or Sunday so I can attend. My job keeps me from a lot of night-time activities.

  • Dan Van Wie

    Just wanted to say thank you for a great time. It was fun to meet Joe, King and Josh. Had a very nice conversation with Robert Lipsyte as well. I told him to watch out for the Buffalo Bills this year. Hope he remembers it was me that told him that, ha ha. Seriously, it was great to share ideas and bounce things around with B/R staff. Highly recommend other writers attending whenever you have a chance to attend a meeting like this in your area. Dan Van Wie

  • Dan popoloski

    I was just curious, was that New York meeting open to all writers, or just specifically invited ones?

    • Anonymous

      Any of these Open House meetups that we do are open to all approved writers.

      • Dan Popoloski

        Darn it, I could’ve made the last one, I wish I knew that, probably misread somewhere.

        • Dan popoloski

          Will you ever come back to the New York area?

          • Anonymous

            Probably. It’s pretty big. We’ll do it in NY every so often, I imagine, though I don’t know if I’ll always be able to make the trip personally.

  • Yueh Ho

    Saint Louis would be good if you’re planning to do one from now until June

    Afterwards, Philadelphia would also be a great option