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Sep 29 / King Kaufman

An amazing night of baseball: So how’s the writing?

Tampa Bay Rays celebrate

Brandon Gomes celebrates game-winning HR by Evan Longoria (background)

Great events often lead to great writing. And just as you can go a long time without living through a night like last night’s baseball mayhem, you can go a long time without reading a response as good as my pal Joe Posnanski’s “Baseball Night in America at

Bleacher Report’s National Lead Writer Dan Levy gives a master class on how to take an event and write forward-looking analysis with his piece “Dear Bud Selig: Don’t Ruin MLB Playoffs by Adding Teams. Signed, Yesterday.”

What’s the best piece you read or the best video you saw about Wednesday night’s end-of-season madness in Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Houston? Let us know in the comments.

  • Matt

    I actually had an article about how one amazing night of baseball didn’t make up for the other 161 boring games, but then I read Joe’s piece and it pretty much blew my idea to smithereens. The man is so good that it’s almost too intimidating to write anything after reading him.

  • Scott Harris

    Good post…I like to comb the writing, too, after a big night or event. Nothing like a little drama to bring out the poets. Terrific article by Mr. Posnanski, or as I like to call him, the best sportswriter in the United States.

  • Anonymous

    Quickish is a great way to follow the coverage. Just drill down at this tag: