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Oct 3 / King Kaufman

100th Bleacher Report writer gets to 1 million reads

Scott Altman

Scott Altman

We’ve hit the century mark at Bleacher Report.

Miami Dolphins featured columnist Scott Altman just became the 100th B/R writer to get 1 million reads.

Altman has a ways to go to break into the Top 50, or even the Top 75—intrepid Deputy Editor for Many Sports Adam Hirshfield is more than 300,000 reads ahead of Altman in 75th place.

But getting to a million is a heck of an achievement for the newest millionaires and those of the longest standing, such as Matt King, B/R’s pop culture guru, who was the first Bleacher Report writer to hit the million mark.

Here’s to the next 100 B/R writers to make it to 1 million reads even as we keep working to improve the quality of the writing across the site.

  • Randy Chambers

    Congrats! I’ll get there soon.

  • Nedu Obi

    Quite an achievement. Congratulations and the best.

  • Thomas Atzenhoffer

    congrats, ill join you in a month.