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Oct 13 / King Kaufman

Brainstorm: Best 2011 Halloween costumes

You may have your Halloween costume ready but think of all those poor saps who haven’t even started thinking about it yet. Let’s help them out.

Today’s brainstorm for a slideshow in the near future: The best sports-related costumes for Halloween 2011.

Leave your ideas in the comments. What’s happened in sports this year that lends itself to sartorial splendor on All Hallow’s Eve?

Update: Here’s the resulting slideshow.

  • Robert Aitken

    You could always be a Red Sox player. Wear a Boston shirt, eat chicken, drink beer and play video games.

  • TRappaRT

    Brian Wilson beard and spandex tuxedo. Just please don’t come to the party that I’m at, I don’t want to see you dressed like that.

  • Guest
  • Jeff Nowak

    Any NBA player: Jeans and an oversized Tee-shirt.

  • Carl

    Terrelle Pryor in Gold pants and tats, Derek Dooley-esque orange pants…

  • Jamal Wilburg

    Lebron James…. just wear no rings

  • Guest

    I have a Redsox Jersey a bucket of Popeye’s Chicken and a can of Bud Light.