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Jan 13 / King Kaufman

L.A. writers meet-up: They came from all over

Los Angeles meet-up

Pat Kondzella, Anthony Kang and Jeff Little visit during Thursday's meet-up.

Here are a few photos from the Los Angeles writers meet-up last night. It was a thrill to meet another solid crowd of Bleacher Report writers and talk shop over some fabulous chicken wings and other grub and grog from the kitchen of West 4th and Jane in Santa Monica, a joint that treated us like a bunch of Pulitzer Prize winners.

Dave Morrison

Sweet Mo makes a point.

B/R Community Manager Dave ‘Sweet Mo’ Morrison, his trusty sidekick Will Leivenberg—they’re the go-to guys for B/R writers who need pretty much anything—were there to meet and greet, hand out the swag and answer any of the questions that stumped me, which as usual was all of them.

The swag was sweet: The new Bleacher Report T-shirt made its debut last night and was a big hit.

College football Lead Writer Dan Rubenstein was there as well, dropping some wisdom on the crowd in his inimitable style.

Kay and Will

Kay Jennings and Will Leivenberg

We were also joined by a couple of reporters on the media beat. We’ll see if anyone’s gathering string for a big Bleacher Report piece.

Inspired by Saqib Ahmed Dadabhoy, who made the nine-hour drive from Toronto to attend the Chicago meet-up in November, we’ve decided to give a valuable prize to the person who travels the farthest to attend each meet-up. Last night that prize went to Kay Jennings, who came all the way from Portland.

She won a copy of former Dodger Shawn Green’s book about zen and the art of hitting a curveball, “The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 mph.”

A consolation prize—our highest esteem—went to Susan T. Spencer, who came from Las Vegas.

Were you there? Leave your impressions below. Go ahead, we can take it.

King and crowd

An awkward moment: King sings "My Way" a cappella for no apparent reason.

  • Andre Khatchaturian

    still craving those wings.

  • Jay Renard Davis

    Had a great time! Loved talking shop with writers I can learn from. And of course my girlfriend jacked my T-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Had a great time! I enjoyed being able to talk shop with several talented writers and meet with Will Leivenberg & David Morison. West 4th and Jane was awesome as well, great venue. We’ll all have to do it again sometime soon.

    Jeff Little

  • Michael Schottey

    Let’s see the new T-shirt design!

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t have room in this post for a T-shirt photo. Anybody want to post (on Twitter or something?) a shot of themselves in their new T-shirt?

  • Chris Mueller

    Maybe it’s just me but I think you guys need to open up a shop on the site and seel the shirts and hoodies and other stuff. I know people who want to buy them after seeing what you guys gave me.

    Also, why cant I post comments from IE? only firefox lets me for some reason.

  • Barbara Bruno

    Dear King and all of the Bleacher Report folks who hosted the L.A. get together:
    Thanks so much! It was fun and such a pleasure to talk sports with people who understand phrases like, “Man–the Jets! What do you think?” without needing a 20-minute backstory. :)
    I had fun. Thanks for the hospitality.

  • Pat Kondzella

    It was great meeting fellow writers and talking some shop. Thanks King, Dave and Will for putting that on!

  • Rich Leivenberg

    Great meeting everyone and putting faces to the names of those folks who edit and direct BR. Better yet, to hang out and talk sports with others from the “bleachers.”

  • Evan Barnes

    Great opportunity meeting folks last week. Thanks again B/R for the meet-up and I look forward to future ones in L.A.