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Feb 15 / King Kaufman

Mediabistro’s right: Let’s make this B/R video go viral

Fans in Philadelphia

Fans in Philadelphia.

Richard Horgan of MediaBistro’s FishbowlLA writes that this video by Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Andre Khatchaturian has a chance to go viral.

Let’s see if we can help it along.

The video, featuring Luke Walton doing pushups for some reason, and taking a cab rather than the team bus, wraps up Part 1 of Khatchaturian’s recent four-part series in which he followed the Los Angeles Lakers on a road trip, first to Philadelphia, where Walton caught his cab, then to Boston, a dose of Linsanity in New York and then to Toronto.

Khatchaturian is a graduate of Bleacher Report’s Sportswriting internship who used what he learned there to move up to Featured Columnist. He uses text, photos and video to tell the story of following the Lakers on that road trip, both on and off the court. It’s a fun read.

Photo: Andre Khatchaturian

  • Richard Horgan

    Ha ha, thanks for picking up my item. Did Andre or a corps colleague ever find out why Walton was taking a cab from Wells Fargo arena?

    • Andre Khatchaturian

      Richard, I appreciate the blog post!

      I actually tweeted the video to Mike Trudell, Lakers sideline reporter, and he actually responded saying that he was either late to practice or he had to visit someone.

      Interesting stuff!

      • Richard Horgan

        OK; but did I misidentify the parking lot. I wrote that this was in the Wells Fargo Arena parking lot, but is it in fact at the (Hyatt, I believe) hotel where they were staying?

        • Andre Khatchaturian

          No no this was after the game at Wells Fargo Center. Everything is correct.

  • Anonymous

    I tweeted the link to SportsCenter…now we play the waiting game ;)

  • Nedu Obi

    One tweet and hopefully a plethora to follow.

  • Tim Coughlin

    Just attempted to promote it a bit too. Good luck,


  • Richard Horgan

    Thanks for the effort, Bleacher Report. At my end, it resulted in a few hundred extra views, which is not bad. And Luke Walton, if you’re reading this, next time: one-handed push-ups please, followed by a unicyle.