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Apr 16 / King Kaufman

Video: A day in the life of MetsBlog by founder Matthew Cerrone

Matthew Cerrone is an example of a guy who turned his passion for sportswriting from a hobby into a career. He started MetsBlog in 2003, and is now Director of Digital Media for SportsNet New York, where MetsBlog lives these days.

On Opening Day at Citi Field, Cerrone made a video called “A Day in the Life of MetsBlog,” which follows him as he directs the blog’s coverage at the ballpark and asks various fans and fellow bloggers what they think of the team’s chances this year.

I asked Cerrone why he made the video, and he replied by email:

This will be my ninth season writing I’ve worked hard to make this my career, and I wanted to give my readers a sense of what my day looks like. At the same time, as a fan, I wanted to get a sense of fan expectations entering the 2012 season. So, I morphed the two ideas in to one for this video. I hope to do more throughout the season, on other significant days (like when Jose Reyes returns to Citi Field, or the Subway Series, etc), matching up my day and experience with a fan-related storyline.

It’s an interesting glimpse into the workday of a successful blog, one with access at the ballpark.

  • Robert Aitken

    Been a fan of Cerrone’s for a long time now. He quit his job, took a risk on his blog and made it profitable. Have to admire that dedication and envy that good fortune. I read MetsBlog almost everyday during the regular season.