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Apr 20 / King Kaufman

San Francisco Writers Meet-up 2.0: New and familiar faces

Matt Miller talks to the crowd

Matt Miller tells his story to the crowd, including Chris Trapasso, proudly holding his 1912 Red Sox throwback cap.

A solid crowd of veteran Bleacher Report writers and newcomers met up at B/R’s San Francisco headquarters last night, scarfing down wings and lasagna, leaving the roasted and raw vegetables right where they were, and taking home armfuls of Bleacher Report swag.

Matt Miller

Here's the front of Matt's head.

NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller told the story of his rise from struggling independent blogger to professional writer with Bleacher Report, jetting from his home in southwest Missouri to exotic locales like San Francisco for a Writers Meet-up and New York for the NFL Draft next week.

NFL Featured Columnist Chris Trapasso won the Valuable Prize for traveling the farthest to the meet-up, a record 2,650 miles, give or take a few, from Buffalo.

We usually make the Valuable Prize a souvenir of the meet-up city, but since this was the eve of Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary, we decided to pay tribute by awarding Trapasso a Boston Red Sox 1912 throwback white cap, just like the ones the Red Sox are wearing in the anniversary game today.

While those babies are going for $34.99 plus shipping on, we were amazed to find one on sale right downstairs at the Walmart for $2.99 plus tax!

Chelena Goldman and Adam Hirshfield

Raiders FC Chelena Goldman and B/R editor Adam Hirshfield

It was fabulous, as always, to meet some of the writers, copy editors and interns who make this site what it is. This being the second meet-up in San Francisco, it was also nice to see some of the folks we met last year again.

The next meet-up will be Thursday, May 24, at the Fox and Hound in Philadelphia. (RSVP here, Philly writers.)

Then we’ll head to Boston on Thursday, June 14, so mark that date, Beantown. We’ll be making a return trip to New York City in late July.

  • Adam

    Hopefully the hats in Boston will be something other than the stark white throwback (for $34.99).

  • Scott Carasik

    When will another Atlanta or Charlotte meet up happen?

    • Anonymous

      Atlanta will be a while since we were just there. Charlotte I can’t tell you. I’m working on ways to have more meet-ups than the roughly every-other-month schedule we’re on now.

  • Mitch Charette

    Is there a location selected for the Boston meet?

    • Anonymous

      We’re working on that. Got any suggestions?

  • Tyler Waddell

    You guys should definitely stop by the Cincinnati-Columbus so I can actually make a meeting, haha!

  • Daniel Mano Herberholz

    As a San Jose-based intern for the site, I really wish I’d be there! But… I couldn’t tear myself away from the Sharks game to make it. I hope there’s another one soon.

  • Zac Sweeney

    do we have to be invited or can we just show up?

    • Neri Stein

      You should get an email about them about a month or two beforehand. Be on the lookout for the next one!

    • Anonymous

      If you’re an approved B/R writer, you’re invited. Just need to let us know you’re coming. Watch this Blog and look for info in the monthly Writer HQ email.

  • Paul Padilla

    Enjoyed being there and meeting the BR geniuses who make the site such a success. Can’t wait to keep integrating myself on the site!

  • Chelena

    Loved meeting all of you. Cheers!!

  • Sammy Sucu

    When will a Los Angeles or Vegas meet up happen?

    • Anonymous

      We just had a meet-up in Los Angeles in January, so not for a little while yet. No plans at the moment for Las Vegas, but keep watching this space. Plans change.

  • Aaron Dodge

    Couldn’t ask for a better city in the New England area to visit, see ya in Boston.