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May 8 / King Kaufman

Verifying stories on social media: A reading list from Poynter

Craig Silverman has been doing great work at over the last year or so collecting advice and information about how to verify information that comes across social media and other networks.

We talk about that a lot around here, as a big part of what Bleacher Report does is comment on information that is reported elsewhere. So we need to know that that information is accurate and true.

Late last month Silverman published “8 must-reads detail how to verify information in real-time, from social media, users.”

It’s a must-read primer for anyone who relies on social media, as almost all of us do frequently, for news and information.

Read up on how aggregator Storyful verifies stories, as well advice on verification from the BBC, CNN’s iReport,, NPR star Andy Carvin and others.