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May 9 / King Kaufman

B/R’s Alex Ferguson on the dance between sports and life

For some people, sports are an escape from real life. But for a certain breed of fan—you know who you are—sports fandom and “real life” are too entwined to be separated.

That’s how it is for Bleacher Report writer Alex Ferguson, who is a big fan of Queens Park Rangers in the English Premier League. His beloved QPR have been having their troubles this year, but with his wife battling cancer, those troubles are nothing compared to what’s going on at home.

Or are they? In a wonderful piece today, Ferguson—no relation to the Manchester United manager—writes about these two battles, one on the playing fields of the EPL and one in his wife’s body.

The former is trivial in comparison to the latter, of course. But Ferguson shows the power seemingly trivial things can have.

We at Bleacher Report wish Suzy the best in her fight.

  • Tim Coughlin

    Good luck, Suzy and Alex. Let’s hope the story continues with grandchildren and all of this becoming a distant memory.