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Jul 18 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report writers set record for radio appearances

Bleacher Report reached a milestone last week by sending 54 writers onto the airwaves to lend their expertise, insights and opinions to our nation’s sports radio shows. It’s the first time more than 50 B/R writers have done radio spots in a week.

The old record was 46, set during the week of the NFL Draft. A typical week features about 30 radio appearances by B/R writers.

Baseball was a big driver of invitations, as radio shows wanted Bleacher Report’s authors to preview the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby—and bash Chris Berman a little—early in the week, then talk about the trade deadline and second-half scenarios after the festivities in Kansas City were over.

NBA free agency and the release of the Louis Freeh report at Penn State were also hot topics, along with an old standby, college football.

NFL Lead Writer Matt Miller led the charge with an appearance on ESPN Radio’s national “SportsCenter Tonight” show, where he talked about the then-unsigned Drew Brees contract and the most underrated and under-the-radar NFL teams.

And did I say our nation’s sports radio shows? I meant our continent’s sports radio shows. NBA Lead Writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss made the first B/R appearance on Canadian radio, joining Alan Coombs of “London in the Afternoon” on 1290 CJBK to talk about Toronto Raptors free agency.

Bleacher Report now has seven writers doing regularly scheduled weekly radio shots, and three more will join them when college football gets going next month.

This boom in radio appearances shows that other media outlets are increasingly turning to Bleacher Report writers for sports talk and analysis.

Along with continued growth in readership during what’s supposed to be a down time in the sports calendar, this trend is an indication that B/R is doing something right. And that in turn is a testament to the hard work all of our writers—not just the ones who get to pontificate over the radio—do every day.

  • Petero1993

    Absolutely fantastic work from everyone at B/R – top to bottom! Shows that the ongoing work at the top of B/R to constantly improve the standard of writing on the site is paying huge dividends..

    Any news on the ongoing B/R/Turner Group takeover?

  • Kevin McGuire

    Not sure if my appearances count but I made a few radio spots last week as well, and most made sure to mention my affiliation with Bleacher Report.

  • Scott Carasik

    I actually had 2 radio appearances this week as well. One for Columbus GA’s ESPN affiliate and one for Knoxville radio’s Bros Going Hard show. Both about the Falcons and both credited me as part of Bleacher Report.

    The one in Knoxville is a weekly thing called Following the Falcons.

    I also host a show called Kvetching Draftniks Radio, but that’s more of a side project with some friends.

  • Kenny DeJohn

    I do an Internet show every week, and I always make sure to mention that I’m an F/C with Bleacher Report. Any way to spread the word!

  • KarloSilverioSevilla

    Congrats, everyone!