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Jul 19 / King Kaufman

Presswire images available for Bleacher Report writers

Bleacher Report has added Presswire images to the writer interface, meaning you now have more options when choosing photos for your stories.

When you go to add an image to your article or slideshow, the familiar interface pops up, but now it has a “Search Presswire” button right next to the “Search Getty” button. Presswire works the same way Getty does. You simply have two photo services to work with now instead of one.

The area where this may have the biggest impact is in the world of MMA/UFC. Presswire has a wide range of MMA images. But it also covers the NFL, NBA and other sports, just as Getty does.

See what Presswire has to offer next time you write, or just dive in any time and check out the inventory. If you have any trouble with the new image interface—or anything else related to writing—send an email to and we’ll help you out.

  • Scott Carasik

    Thanks for this! It’s much harder to find MMA and UFC and the same getty images get recycled too much. Question does presswire offer more in terms of WWE?

    • Ryan Dilbert

      Unfortunately it doesn’t, Scott. It has just a handful of images. Would love to have a better source for wrassling.

      • Scott Carasik

        I know. I’ve been hi-jacking images from google, wrestling blogs and myself.

  • Kay Jennings

    This is great news. I have found Getty lacking some, particularly in cfb recruiting. I will check this out. Thanks!

  • Flamekeeper_Ty

    Killer! I have Presswire access on my blog, and they have some fantastic images.

  • KarloSilverioSevilla


  • Dan Hope

    I’m so glad about this! I’ve actually been meaning to ask about the possibility of B/R getting connected with Presswire… as someone who often writes about NFL draft prospects from non-major college football programs, I’ve noticed that they usually have a much wider range of images available than Getty. Never got around to bringing it up, but I’m glad you all beat me to it!