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Aug 17 / Jeremy Fuchs

How writing for B/R changed the way I watch sports

Jeremy Fuchs

For the Love of the Page is a series in which Bleacher Report Sportswriting Interns explain why they write and what they’ve learned.

* * *

As a sports fan, when I saw Bleacher Report had a writing internship program, I knew it could be the next step for me.

In my household growing up, there was always a game on. Whether it was baseball, hockey, basketball or football, the TV was on, the volume was up and our eyes were glued. We planned our lives around the game.

I used to think I could make it to the pros, too. After Little League came along, though, that thought was over.

Since I can’t play at a high level, and I’m not content with just fandom, writing is how I can stay connected to the world of sports.

The internship has made me love sportswriting even more. Each morning, I wake up at the crack of dawn; brew a cup of coffee, open my banana-flavored yogurt (fruit at the bottom, of course) and start writing. I’ve written about football, hockey, soccer, archery, water polo, weightlifting and more.

I get professional feedback on everything I do, which has improved my writing tremendously. I’ve been pushed to examine things from different lenses, to be more critical of my writing and to learn, adapt and grow.

Now when I watch sports, I’m not just watching the game. I’m looking for inspiration, story angles future trending topics. I’m not just watching the play unfold—I’m watching the story unfold.

When I write for B/R, I have to put my allegiances aside and focus on creating a cogent narrative supported by reason.

For those worried about dipping their toes in the pool, don’t dip; jump. Writing for B/R makes that jump easier. They have the tools and knowledge to help you succeed.
Writing for B/R keeps me connected and in the know with the sports I love. There’s nothing better.

Whatever the future holds, I know I’ll owe a great debt of gratitude to all those at B/R.

* * *

Jeremy Fuchs is a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist. Follow him on Twitter @jaf78