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Aug 20 / King Kaufman

Listen up: Roy Peter Clark’s podcasts can improve your writing

Want to be a better writer? Listen here.

Roy Peter Clark, the Poynter Institute writing coach, is the author of “Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer.” Reading it will make you a better writer.

But with all this writing to do, who has time to read? Well, you should, but maybe you’re an aural learner. Then you’re in luck. Clark has created 50 little podcasts, each built around one of those 50 essential strategies.

They’re free, and you can find them on iTunes.

You can give yourself a short course on how to write more clear, dynamic prose by absorbing Clark’s bite-sized advice one piece at a time. In the early going, the podcasts clock in at under two minutes. They get longer as the rules get a bit more complex, but even the longest—the last one, “Own the Tools of Your Craft”—is only 7:08, and that’s the only one longer than 5:30.

Knock off a couple a day while you’re walking around. Then put the strategies into action in your writing. And let us know if you find Clark’s advice useful.

  • taittems

    This link doesn’t work–instead of taking me to the podcasts, it takes me to a download page for iTunes, which I already have installed, but I can’t find a way to get to the podcasts.

    • King_Kaufman

      I don’t know what to tell you. The link takes me to a page with a list of links for the podcasts. I tried it on several different browsers.