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Oct 2 / King Kaufman

Miami Bleacher Report Meet-up: Nov. 8 at Fado Irish Pub

Miami whale

We invited the whale, but we're not optimistic.


Update: We’ve had to cancel the Miami meet-up due to circumstances that are both beyond Writer_HQ control and nothing to fret over. We’ll reschedule for sometime in 2013.

We’re coming your way, Miami. The next Bleacher Report Writers Meet-up will be at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant in Brickell on Thursday, Nov. 8, from 6 to 9 p.m.

You’ll have one day to recover from your Election Night hangover, then come down to 900 South Miami Ave. for some food and drink on B/R, as well as the latest in Bleacher Report gear and goodies and a chance to meet your fellow South Florida writers and some B/R honchos.

Don’t think a Bleacher Report Writers Meet-up sounds like your kind of scene? Well, that’s just crazy. At the risk of giving up our little secret that B/R Writers Meet-ups are more than just a fun time with free food, drink and T-shirts, here are some actual quotes from Bleachers who came to previous meet-ups:

  • “It was great to share ideas and bounce things around with B/R staff. Highly recommend other writers attending whenever you have a chance to attend a meeting like this in your area.” —New York
  • “Had a great time! Loved talking shop with writers I can learn from. And of course my girlfriend jacked my T-shirt.” —Los Angeles
  • “I know the events are discussed on the blog as a good time and a chance to get some free food and shirts and stuff which is all true but it actually turned out to be much more substantive than that, for myself anyway. It was just a really cool thing to meet you guys and I think it gave me a bit of a renewed focus … Whether anyone realizes it in the short term, it is definitely paying dividends and after last night I have even more respect for the Bleacher Report family.” —Philadelphia
  • “The meet-up was fantastic and this is just another example of why we write for b/r. Thanks for throwing a great event and giving all of us writers the opportunity.” —Boston
  • “Great event. Lots of good discussion about writing, editing, and improvements. Overall the event made me feel connected to the people involved with B-R rather than just the website. As we know from our writing, it is always about the people.” —New York

If you want to join in the fun—and OK, learning things and meeting people and other constructive stuff—RSVP in the comments or via email so we’ll know how much food to order. All B/R writers are welcome. See you there!

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Photo: Smart Destinations / Flickr Creative Commons

  • Thomas Galicia

    I’ll be there, can’t wait to see everyone.