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Oct 30 / King Kaufman

Hoping everyone in the Hurricane Sandy storm area is safe

We Bleachers outside of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy are thinking about our colleagues and contributors in the storm area and hoping you all are safe and dry, or will be soon.

  • Ken Kraetzer

    Thanks for the support, in White Plains, NY our power went out at 6:15 PM Monday. Quite a few large trees down. Large branches down on my street, hundred foot oak tree down around the corner. Heavy damage is along the south shore of Long Island and New Jersey. Terrible fire destroying 75 homes in Queens where the flooded streets prevented fire dept from doing anything. In NYC the subways are flooded which is the first time I can recall that happening and if the water is seawater the damage to the third rail power source could take time to repair. Many thanks to all the police, fire, national guard, civic leaders out doing what they do.

    • Ken Kraetzer

      We got our power and heat back on Sunday at 11AM. Many thanks to the utility workers who came into our neighborhood in White Plains, from as far away as Utah. Hope this is not going to be a “New normal” event.

  • Robert Wood

    Thank you for the well wishes, that means a lot.
    I had to stay at my 9-5 in suburban Baltimore until about 3:00 yesterday before we were let go, which means I was driving home in just about the height of the storm. I’ve driven in worse conditions (Thunder Snow in January 2011, for one), including rain storms with worse visibility, but it was still pretty gnarly: an overhead sign on I-95 said that Interstate Highways and US Routes had a MAXIMUM speed of 45 MPH. Luckily there were very few people on the roads at that time (State Police had actually discouraged driving, starting at noon). My brother actually had to drive in worse conditions than I did, as he and his wife had to be at the hospital at 6:00 PM to deliver their first born (she’s still taking her time…think they’ll name her Sandy) Once I got home, I had to go outside to fetch the recycling bin, cover the lawn mower and grab a better flashlight from the car. I felt like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump, haha.
    Haven’t gone outside to inspect damage yet, but looks okay. Significant flooding in our basement though. So that’s not fun.
    Stayed home from work today, which was great because I got to spend time
    with my family and write my next B/R article. More hurricanes please!
    Just kidding…
    Thanks again.

  • David Cucchiara

    Appreciate the support. Jersey strong.

  • Tom Au

    I’m safe. Hope others are.

    Left my (Hoboken area) home for my New York City office. One reason is that the office is less affected by the storm. The other was to get in my last (fifth) Pirates article to qualify for the competition for October,

  • Ken Kraetzer

    Felt very resourceful last night, wrote my Army press conference story at a sports bar in White Plains, my wife wanted to head home where we have no power, so I was able to set-up a wifi connection from my Galaxy smartphone.