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Jan 21 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report has a zero-tolerance policy on offensive comments

Deadspin published “All the Hate Mail We’ve Received Since Publishing Our Manti Te’o Story,” including a vitriolic, homophobic note signed Trevor Medeiros. A commenter suggested that Medeiros is a Bleacher Report writer, and Deadspin updated its story to say, “Our friend Trevor is a writer for Bleacher Report, because of course he is.”

Bleacher Report does in fact have a writer named Trevor Medeiros. He resigned from his spot as a Featured Columnist two weeks ago and hasn’t written for Bleacher Report since Jan. 3. Even if he were still an active writer, though, his email to Deadspin would in no way have represented Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report does not condone homophobic or other offensive comments of any kind by its writers, whether on Bleacher Report stories or elsewhere around the web. Anyone who writes for B/R agrees to represent themselves in a professional manner.

We’ve suspended Medeiros’ user account as we investigate whether he in fact wrote that email to Deadspin. If so, then his viewpoints are not consistent with the principles of appropriate conduct Bleacher Report expects from all of its writers.

Update: Medeiros responded to our email query by admitting that he had written the email to Deadspin. “Sorry for any trouble I’ve caused on your end with my immaturity and drunken stupidity,” Medeiros wrote. He is no longer associated with Bleacher Report.

  • Scott Carasik

    Pretty common sense stuff. But always a good reminder.

  • Kelly Scaletta

    You did the right thing, and I think we need to remember that wherever we are, whether we represent Bleacher Report or not we represent ourselves.


      Bleacher report is for phaggots

  • Kevin

    Agreed. This is the right course of action if he’s a contributor. No room here for the myopic and cantankerous.

  • Scott Harris

    If it’s true, good riddance. (Also, FYI, it seems a Trevor Medeiros living in Mass. may have had some recent rather disturbing legal problems.) Whatever is or can be done to identify and flush out substandard writers and people is obviously a very good thing for the site and all affiliated with it.

  • Kay Jennings

    Good grief.

  • Longhorn

    What a dumbshit.

    • another_otherguy

      This guy is so clever I can’t stand it. Really, how hard is it to fool a bot? And, what does the bot end up blocking that is really not in violation of policy? Quite a lot i would guess.

  • sagasha

    Handled like pros. Good work guys.

  • Emily Ziskind

    Well done. He apparently doesn’t get that nothing dies on the internet.

  • another_otherguy

    Good policy. But, it seems the bot they are using as an editor is blocking and erasing a lot of people who submit content that does not violate policy in any way. They need to look at this a good bit closer.