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Feb 12 / Jeff Chase

A quick survey as B/R celebrates you, its 2 millionth user

Bleacher Report has hit the 2 million user mark: That’s how many people have signed up and created profiles on the site.

We hit this milestone over the weekend, just nine months after we hit 1 million active users. The entire Bleacher Report team is excited to celebrate and continue this incredible growth with you, our users.

Since the start, Bleacher Report has always been about the fans. Whether you are a writer or reader, our goal has been to make B/R the No. 1 destination to discuss and immerse yourself in sports. Our users have been crucial in creating one of the most engaging and interactive experiences on the web. B/R has become a second home for sports fans in search of lively, healthy discussion, and we’re proud to provide a forum made for the fans, by the fans.

Bleacher Report’s staff is always looking for new ways to grow the B/R Community, as we did this past year by creating such features as our Great Debates and the recently added group function within our top-ranked Team Stream app.

We are looking forward to introducing additional features in the coming months, but we’d also love to hear whatever ideas you have for us to continue to improve our ever-growing community. With such phenomenal growth and so much ahead, we’d appreciate your willingness to participate in a brief survey about both your experience on B/R thus far and the type of experience you’d like in the future.

If you’d like to send us any additional feedback or ideas, please feel free to contact me, Jeff Chase, Bleacher Report’s Community Moderator, at

Thanks, everyone. We are looking forward to a huge 2013 at Bleacher Report!