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Apr 3 / King Kaufman

Need a hand as a writer? Some famous authors can help

A hat tip to NFL Lead Writer Michael Schottey for pointing out this fun Buzzfeed piece, 27 Pieces of Advice For Writers From Famous Authors.”

The fun part is that the advice is in the form of photos of the authors’ hands, with their advice written on them.

The pictures were collected, Buzzfeed writes, for a creative writing summer camp for teens hosted by Wofford College. The authors are mostly fiction writers, and their advice doesn’t always apply to those of us working in nonfiction. I’m thinking specifically here of Joe Haldeman’s words of wisdom, “Don’t ‘write what you know.’ Make up something new!”

But much of it is good advice whatever your subject and writing style. Two writers even have the same advice, which works for a lot more than writing: “Persist!”

  • Michael Schottey

    “Make up something new!” ….Are we sure that wasn’t Jonah Lehrer?

  • kohkung6

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