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Apr 12 / Justin Hussong

From ranting to writing: Being bold but well-informed is key

Justin HussongI’m relatively new to the sportswriting game, even though it’s something I have always been passionate about. The B/R Sports Media Internship has given me the opportunity to take my writing to the next level with a more organized publication.

The top thing I have learned that has improved my writing would be the ability to balance any biases without taking away from an article’s integrity. I catch myself going on personal rants as I write and I ask: Is this really what the reader wants to hear?

While having your voice and being firm with your opinions is one of the most important tools we use as writers, it is imperative to stay structured. These are not blog posts we’re writing, nor are they rants to our friends. Being bold without sounding ill-informed is the key to being great.

This internship has also taught me how to write for a broader audience. One thing I’ve learned in my journalism education and always try to implement is “the mom rule.” In other words, always write as if your mother was reading your every word.

It helps keep peace of mind, keeps me from getting off track and keeps me from blowing up every time some armchair general manager who thinks he knows all the ins and outs of the sports world calls me an idiot.

Tapping all the resources that B/R has to offer is invaluable for interns. There are so many wonderful people we are in contact with, and that is what has stood out to me the most and enhanced my work.

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Justin Hussong was an intern in the Winter class. Follow him on Twitter @Hussington

One Thing You Need to Know is a series in which we ask our interns to write about just that: One thing they’ve learned in the B/R Sports Media Internship that they would pass along to other aspiring writers.