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Apr 23 / Collin McCollough

B/R ready to go deep with peerless NFL Draft coverage

The 2013 NFL Draft is now just days away, so we want you to know you have our full permission to get excited.

With all the work we’re putting in to provide the best draft content experience out there, you should be. You should be very excited.

We’ve been laboring for months now—since 2012 regular-season games were still dominating NFL fans’ attention spans—on what should prove to be a breathtakingly comprehensive draft coverage plan. I’m giddy about it, and I want you to know why you should share my jubilation.

For the first time in B/R history, we will be airing a live coverage show. This will be visible on our front page, and available for all draftniks seeking to keep tabs on the latest picks and analysis. You can look forward to seeing B/R experts like Matt Miller, Aaron Nagler, Michael Felder and Josh Zerkle hosting, with a healthy assortment of contributing NFL stars and celebrities.

And unlike other draft shows, we will be providing analysis for every pick and every team. We won’t spend a half-hour talking about one guy, while 10 others come off the board.

We will also be throwing a live draft party to coincide with our show, because why not? NFL fans are awesome. B/R fans are awesome. And what better way to celebrate those facts than with complimentary food and cocktails during our live draft show?

The work that has gone into our video production has certainly been staggering, and is only matched by the work that has gone in—and will continue to go in—to providing the best on-site content, in real time, during the draft.

We are aiming to provide a full arsenal of expert reaction for every pick, every team and every round. Why use a search engine to look up some sixth-round cornerback you’ve never heard of before he was selected? We’ll have everything you could possibly need to know about each pick, programmed live into your favorite TeamStream channels. Scouting reports, video highlights, pro player comparisons, injury reports and random fun facts? We’ve got you covered better than anyone else.

This year, we will be featuring team draft correspondents who will be providing the latest updates and reaction for every selection, along with a abundance of related analysis. Want the latest scoop from folks who know each team down to the color of their mouthguards? We’ve got that.

Several Lead Writers and national draft correspondents will also be anchoring our featured content and providing expert reaction to the draft’s most interesting story lines. If you care about it, so do we, and that will reflect strongly in our draft coverage.

I can promise the work that has gone into preparing for this event has been nothing short of astounding, and will present itself in such a way that grabs your attention and does not let it go. We have had our best & brightest putting in long hours for more calendar sheets than we can count, all in the spirit of providing a truly special, memorable and all-inclusive draft experience. We know that you care about each team, each pick, each new development in the draft process. So do we.

So join us throughout the 2013 NFL Draft for what promises to be an amazing experience. And feel free to tell your friends, tell your tailgating buddies, tell your dog you named after your favorite player. Get excited!

Because I know we are.

* * *

Collin McCollough is Bleacher Report’s NFL editor.