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Jul 9 / Paul Kasabian

Getting to know B/R’s Quality Control team and what we do

Hello. My name is Paul Kasabian, and I’m the Manager of the Enforcement branch of the Quality Control team at Bleacher Report. Starting this week, we’re going to be using the Bleacher Report Blog and the Writer HQ emails to communicate more directly with B/R writers.

Our mission is to make the QC team as transparent as possible. We’ll be talking about issues that come up frequently, things everyone who writes for the site should know, changes in Content Standards and editorial policies, that sort of thing.

Our first post along these lines, tomorrow, will be a review of B/R’s attribution policy.

But before we dive into that, please allow me to introduce some of the folks behind B/R’s efforts to improve and maintain the quality of content on the site.

Director of Quality Control Dan Bonato ( leads the entire QC team, which consists of various subgroups. The four subgroups that make up the Enforcement branch are as follows:

Copy Editing Team: The first line of editing. After a writer publishes an article on B/R, a copy editor grabs it out of an editor queue and preps it for release to search engines, team/league pages and site programming channels. Editors also leave writers helpful feedback for future reference. Team Leader: Copy Editing Manager Tim Coughlin (

Quality Editing Team: The second level of editing, which prepares certain stories for potential placement on the B/R front page and other programming channels, such as the Team Stream mobile app, newsletters and so on. Team Leader: Senior Producer, Quality Editing Matt Connolly (

Content Standards Team: A group of moderators that notifies writers of Content Standards violations and works with them to rectify the issues. Team Leaders: Content Moderators Chelsea Becker ( and Nick James (

Community Team: A group of moderators that responds to writer and reader queries and patrols the comment threads. Team Leader: Senior Producer, Community Will Leivenberg (

Other teams under the QC umbrella may make cameos in future posts as well.

Most of us are writers too, so we understand if you think of us as the cops. We think of ourselves, though, as the people who have your back. We’re here to help you create the best possible content.

  • Scott Carasik

    Is there a way to get better distribution of information when a change is made in content standards?

    • Paul Kasabian

      The plan is to release CS changes in these posts, which will be written once per two weeks now and weekly starting in the fall.

      We are going to double up and email these posts to active writers as well.

      – PK

      • Scott Carasik

        Now that sounds like a good plan. Thank you.