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Aug 26 / King Kaufman

How’re we doin’? Writers: Please take quick survey on B/R publishing tools

The Product team wants to know how things are going for you. Are the recent and ongoing changes in the writer tools working well? What isn’t working? What is working but cold work better? What have the Product folks just not thought of yet?

If you’ve got a minute or two, please take this survey, which asks a few simple questions along those lines.

The developers and engineers are planning to conduct a survey like this quarterly to get feedback on the tools and try to ensure that the changes they’re making are having a positive impact on your day-to-day efforts.

The survey is anonymous and short. Please take a moment and fill it out. It’ll help the Product team make your experience as a writer or editor at Bleacher Report the best that it can be.

  • Franklin Steele

    I already filled one these out, but really want to add this: It’s far, far too easy to lose work when writing internally with the slide shows. One accidental click or keyboard shortcut (which can’t be turned off on Windows 8) and you lose the entire slide you just wrote.

    This honestly happens to me at least once or twice a week as I go to create em dashes. I accidentally trigger the keyboards “back” command and lose the slide. I understand that there are fail safes in place to prevent this as much as possible, but it’s still too easy to lose work compared to Word, Openoffice, etc.

    If we’re being encouraged to use these tools exclusively, I’d love to see an option to turn on a “Are you sure you want to do this” type warning or box. When flipping through five or six windows while doing research, it’s very easy to accidentally click the X on the BR window, deleting the work that has been done.

    It’s also very easy to click the X on individual slides when trying to reorganize a slider. No warning. No are you sure. Just poof! Have fun writing that again.

    This literally just happened to me this morning and it’s incredibly aggravating.

    • Chris Stephens

      Franklin, I’ve had that happen as well, but what I do is just click on the pencil and re-open by writer dashboard. When I click back on the story, all my stuff is there.

      • Franklin Steele

        Outstanding Chris. I’ll be sure to give that a try next time. And thanks!

    • Michael Schottey

      Yes, I’ve had this same problem with Chrome and a widget I use that puts tabs to sleep to save memory.

      However, I’ve found that what Chris said works great. Just leave (ASAP) and reopen the document. It saves perfectly, but the problem is when the browser clears everything and then it saves again!