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Jan 24 / King Kaufman

Bleacher Report’s story-page redesign: First step in a process

You’ve probably noticed that the story pages on Bleacher Report look a little different.

B/R’s Product and Engineering team has launched a redesign that’s really just a first step in an overall improvement.

The modernized look, including share buttons at the top and a sleeker typeface, brings the desktop into line visually with the mobile version of Bleacher Report.

But the biggest improvement is behind the scenes. The update puts B/R’s desktop, tablet and mobile sites on one codebase, rather than three separate ones. Because of this, our product team can move much faster on things like speed optimizations, design changes, new features and fixes.

This increased agility will allow for more design changes and improvements in the coming months. Look for an evolution rather than periodic big redesigns.

Nothing is locked in, so let us hear your thoughts. Chris and his team will keep tweaking and improving based on metrics and feedback.

  • Levi Nile

    How about letting writers choose the awards they have displayed next to their name in their profile? A kind of drop-and-drag system that allows for a better, quicker visual grasp of a writers accomplishments? I’d love to get back the torch icon/award for my time covering the olympics.

  • Jeff Roy

    Love the new look, but how about a formal process for bug reports? My editor is too busy herding cats to kick my discovery of technical problems up the line.

  • King_Kaufman

    Thanks for these suggestions and questions. Keep them coming. I’m passing them along to the right people and I or someone will answer anything that needs answering here.

  • Jeremy Eckstein

    Slideshows seem to be a problem if the writer is including more vertical photos. They are getting cropped for the standard widescreen size only.

    With photos enlarged, the reader must immediately scroll past the photo to begin reading; it’s less intimate than reading with text wrapped beside the photo, and it feels like a longer read–less ideal for slideshows…

  • Steve

    The idea looks nice, but the articles seem to be indented too far to the right and look strange since media is pushed to the left. Both should be left-aligned for consistency’s sake. Fix that, and everything will look amazing.

  • Andrew Bailey

    I like everything about the new design, except pictures are much smaller in the live blogs now. “Full-Width” pictures are more narrow than the embedded tweets.

    • King_Kaufman

      On this list to be fixed.

      • Andrew Bailey

        Great! Thank you King.

  • TomUrtzJr

    Im sad that I can’t currently embed cool infographics and charts that I had been using. I received a lot of positive feedback from readers, and it was something that helped my articles stand out in a very lively NHL section.

  • Scott Carasik

    It definitely looks better. The AP database added is awesome too. once all of these changes are optimized, this will be great.

  • Garrett Jochnau

    I definitely think that the super-indent adds an off-centered feel to the articles, especially since media doesn’t follow suit, though I think every other change adds a very clean feel to site.

  • dnltlk11

    If it’s possible, how about altering the comment section to Disqus? I’m sure there would be database snags, but I like what Disqus does with comment sections.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Hear hear. Disqus is a WAY better commenting system.

  • Garrett Baker

    It looks like a couple people mentioned this already, but the only thing I really dislike is how the text is narrower and indented in so it doesn’t line up with the “full-width” pictures in the articles. I like the width of the pictures how they are, the text should just be widened to fit that again.

  • Willie

    I’ve noticed that when you leave replies in the comment section, they do not attach to the comment they were meant for and instead become incoherant islands that make little sense.

    This makes interaction with commenters practically impossible.

    Could it be looked at?

  • Joe Bloggs

    Improvements to the commenting system:

    1. Move to Disqus. Way better commenting system

    2. Having to click the comments button AGAIN just for sorting – a time waster

    3. Lack of paragraphing make commenting challenging

    4. Replies to comments which list as a separate unlinked reply

    5. Hitting Left or Right cursor key while typing comments (trying to edit the comment) automatically closes the comment box and forwards to the next story. I’ve lost count of how many long edits I’ve lost because of this!

  • emptybagswag

    For some reason, since the redesign, the comments section has not shown up for me. Anyone has that problem?