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Jul 18 / King Kaufman

BBC Academy offers high-level journalism, production and technology education for free

The BBC has a website called the BBC Academy, which it uses to train its staff. Although it was originally aimed at an internal audience, according to an Academy blog post, “It soon became obvious that the quality of the content on the site … deserved a wider audience.”

The BBC first opened the site to U.K. readers, and then, for a fee, to international audiences. Now the BBC has taken down the pay wall and opened the Academy to everyone for free. I haven’t explored it very much yet, but it looks like an amazing resource.

The BBC Academy comprises the College of Journalism, the College of Production and the College of Technology.

As I write this, the top story on the Journalism site is a guide to looking and sounding good when broadcasting using Skype. There are also subject guides, tutorials on a vast range of skills and guides to such things as law and the BBC’s editorial values.

Click at your own risk. This site looks like a rabbit hole, or journalism nerd heaven.

The technology site “focuses on providing resources around broadcast engineering, software technology and business systems.” Here’s a profile of a BBC scientist who researches “how people interact with media, and how they use both physical and digital technology.”

The production site “provides practical advice on all aspects of working in television, radio and online broadcast.” Because you never know where your career might take you, here’s an audio piece about how to produce a comedy web series.

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