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Oct 14 / Bryan Goldberg

Two New Features for Writers

Today, Bleacher Report has released two powerful new writing tools. Last week we pushed out Writer Polls, which have instantly improved the manner in which readers and writers interact. This evening, we are releasing two new ones…

The first feature we are pushing is one that users have been requesting for months…


Effective tonight, every article will get auto-saved every ten minutes. If a writer gets logged out, loses computer power, or spills beer on their keyboard, then they will automatically recover their article the next time they open the “Write” form.

Writers can also auto-save whenever they like by clicking ‘save draft’ on the Write interface.

The site will remember every writer’s most recent work-in-progress until they have successfully submitted the piece.

The second feature is a simple and subtle one, but still quite important:


Though it may seem like a minimal addition, page breaks are very important, and there are several reasons why we have added them:

*Research consistently shows that users are more likely to avoid reading articles that appear very long and therefore time-consuming. It’s that simple. Since Bleacher Report has so many great writers who put a lot of time into their articles, we felt that we needed page breaks as an option in order to limit how many readers bypass longer content.

*It’s the industry standard, and Bleacher Report is committed to giving our articles no less than the full treatment.

*It will help us learn a lot about what kind of articles users read, which in turn, will help us pass valuable information to our writers.

  • Michael Griffin

    Wow! These are great additions, that save addition is brilliant though, so many of us have vented our frustrations at losing an article and forgetting what we had written.

    Great work yet again guys.

  • Tommy Marcus

    Great additions!

  • Joe W.

    Great additions, I’ve been waiting for the auto-save to be added.

  • Joe W.

    I thought of this idea while I was cleaning, maybe you will like it if you haven’t thought of it yet Zander, but a page on the front page that gives you the most recent articles by your favorite writers. It’s like the lineup only it gives you a small amount of the most recent articles.

  • Erick

    A few concerns.

    I really like the polls, but I don’t like how after you vote you can’t see the results after you click out of the article unless you vote again. Even though its harmless (it’s just a poll), I don’t like re-voting just because I want to see if the poll results have changed.

    Also, is there an option for the pagination? If a longer piece is broken up the right way (say a 10-questions piece with each question in bold), then the articles flow really nicely and I wouldn’t want to jump from page to page (especially if the jump is right in the middle of one of the points). Perhaps readers can have the option to keep everything on one page or if they want to have the article paginated?

    Just my two cents.

  • Angel Navedo

    The pagination thing caught me COMPLETELY off-guard. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first noticed it, but I fully intend to use it for future articles that may seem excessive. I’ll make edits and adjustments accordingly if there are a lot of comments, too.

    I guess the one last thing I would request is allowing us to place the polls ourselves. It’s been an issue we’ve faced with the “Today’s Must Reads” section as well. Sometimes the alignment of the poll completely disturbs the alignment of the article. Sentences end abruptly, and desired paragraph breaks appear awkwardly because of the added box.

    If we could be allowed to move the poll ourselves, that would be fantastic. Nothing drastic, but just to make slight visual adjustments.

  • Fred Richani

    I definitely dig the new features. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Andrew Kneeland

    Excellent work, guys. Nothing but positives to say about these two updates!

    Joe, that’s what the Lineup feature is for.

  • Angel Navedo

    I was just thinking, would there be anyway to archive our previous picks for favorites? You know, in an effort to re-visit articles we really like some time down the line?

  • Joe W.

    Andrew, I have a problem with not checking the lineup and a little box on your front page when you log in like the box that shows your last three articles, show the latest articles by the people you are fans of, keeping the lineup feature.

  • Bob Warja

    GREAT NEWS! I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve lost during the spell check process…this is terrific! Good work, guys.

  • Gray Ghost

    Great additions! You guys are the best! I really like the poll, and the auto save features! Thanks for all of the work you do!