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Nov 11 / Aron Glatzer

B/R Articles Featured on and for Nov. 3rd-7th

Hey all,

First, I want to respond to a few of the comments I’ve received from some of our sports communities not equally represented here.

We are constantly working on ways to incorporate more and more of the quality content coming from all of our communities, and over the coming weeks and months, we will break through not only with and, but many more outstanding sporting sites found all over the Internet.

In the meanwhile, sit tight and whenever I see an opportunity to incorporate more of our content, I will do my best to continue this wave of momentum.

Back to last week’s syndications.

Monday on Michael McNeil (fantasy football, twice), Daniel Damico (college basketball), Jeff Allen (college basketball).

Monday on Erick Blasco (NBA).

Tuesday on Greg Checki (fantasy hockey), John Lorge (fantasy basketball), Dean Holden (NBA), Carter . (NHL), Travis Rand (NHL), Daniel Damico (college basketball).

Tuesday on Thomas Halzack (NBA), Dean Holden (Funhouse-NBA), Kris Pollina (Funhouse-humor), James Williamson (Funhouse-NFL), Buddy Smith (Funhouse-Oprah).

Wednesday on BabyTate (college football), Jameson Fleming (college basketball), Ron Van Lew (NHL).

Wednesday on John Lorge (NBA).

Thursday on Larry Burton (college football), Greg Checki (fantasy hockey).

Thursday on Andrew Ungvari (NBA).

Friday on BabyTate (college football), Sean Crowe (NFL), Michael Moore (MLB), and crawling out from under the stall to get his Big East preview in, Tony Bishop (college basketball).

Friday on Matthew Petersen (NBA).



  • Ron Johnson

    I find it interesting that foxsports and cbssports doesn’t have the guts to step up and start adding more pieces. I’ve seen some of the stuff they’re putting on, and I gotta say that they just plain suck. Nothing against the writers, but I would expect better out of guys who have spent four+ years in college doing this while there are guys who are doing it all their lives and getting no respect.

    But in the interst of fairness, I hope that those two sites get the point. The future is here on Bleacher Report.

  • Michael Griffin

    Why doesn’t these two sites feature any F1 or NASCAR articles? Just seems way too biased for my liking.

  • Dave Nemetz

    Just to chime in, we’re very happy to be working with Fox and CBS and very pleased with the way both relationships continue to grow and bring them value as well as highlight the great work of the Bleacher Report writerbase.

    Both of you have a right to your opinions, but please consider that even though you personally may not agree with the quantity and type of articles that get used by Fox and CBS, that the fact that they regularly feature Bleacher Report content and promote the quality of it adds credibility and validation to every writer and article on Bleacher Report.

    To use a horribly cliche cliche, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re continuing to make strides with both partners as well as new partners to get more visibility to more Bleacher Report content, because we truly believe that the work of Bleacher Report writers deserves as broad recognition and visibility as possible.

    So we’re working on getting more F1 and NASCAR out there, we’re working on getting more WWE out there, and we’re working on getting more of everything out there.

    I also want to take this moment to say that we have a great respect for both Fox and CBS, their editorial teams, and the choices they’ve made in our respective relationships. They’ve definitely given Bleacher Report and our writers a fair shake, and they deserve the same from us. They’re both top class organizations, and we wouldn’t be working with them if they weren’t.