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Nov 21 / Bryan Goldberg

New Feature: MyB/R Brings the Articles to You

Today we rolled out the new MyB/R navigation system to help put great articles within one click of all Bleacher Report users.

The new black toolbar at the top of the screen now sports a drop-down of your favorite topics, with the latest articles displayed in whichever way you want to read them (top rated, newest, most read, most commented).

Your favorite articles are now one click away from you at all times.

Additionally, the Bleacher Report team has retired the old “Lineup” page and updated it with a much more organized and snappy design. Once again, users will be able to control how content is displayed.

Finally, observant users may notice a small but important feature we have added to comment threads. Users can now delete their comments, in the event that something goes wrong, or edit them, if the need should present itself.

Look for more changes to come in the weeks ahead, as the Bleacher Report team is eager to distribute some Christmas Presents to our awesome community of users.

  • Andrew Kneeland

    Great update, guys. Two things, though. First, the ad at the top of each page gets in the way of my drop-down boxes. I can’t read them.

    Also, can this be made available as a toolbar for when we are surfing other sites?

  • Edgar Antonio Nunez

    Props to B/R for a great site with seamless user side writing/editing tools–great new and improved features. Cheers!

  • Tim C.

    Andrew, that’s genius. A toolbar would be a great option for those who use the site a lot.

    Unfortunately, I post here to report a problem. My “My B/R” is not responding to customization and “Auto Racing” is staying as the left-most drop-down even though I went to the “My B/R” tab and pushed it all the way to the bottom. I’d also like to have more than four up there, but four would be fine if I could reorganize them.

    Hopefully it’s just a matter of kinks being worked out in the early going, but, since I seem to wind up in the minority on a lot of problems, I thought I’d report it.

  • Craig Garrison Sr

    Nice job guys. A few small issues though. You have lost all comments, apparently replaced with the new menu at the bottom of each article.

    Also, what’s with the constant pop-ups? You guys should know that pop-ups are one of the best ways to chase away viewers. There are better ways of doing things.

    Good job trying to keep things moving forward, these types of issues are just a part of growing pains, keep up the great work!

  • Craig Garrison Sr

    BTW, the time is messed up too, my first post is labeled as posted at 1:01 PM, it’s actually 8:01 AM.

  • Jared Leatzow

    The new toolbar looks great but with the new update the last four articles I’ve writtens comments have been completely erased.

  • Jared Leatzow

    my comments are gone

  • Bryan

    NOTE: The popup ads were not put in by us, and we are investigating if one of our third party ad providers did this by accident.

    We hate popup ads too :)

  • Angel Navedo

    Looks good. I just customized my line-up again, so I can immediately read what’s most important. Great work.

    Now all we need is to block certain articles, writers, and sections. It’s nothing against anyone… but someone like me who’s made it clear that he hates College Football doesn’t want to be bombarded with it on the front page.

    I’d love to block articles that were imported by people that don’t participate in the community aspect of the site.

    But I guess that’s asking too much, right?

  • Sean Crowe

    Great job once again guys! Fantastic addition to an already tremendous web site…


  • Al Asifyouknow

    great , this is so much fun, the pc’s at work have all the sports sites (espn ,cbs sports etc) blocked , but hey , guess what , during our free time the Bleacher Report comes right in , dont tell anyone , lol , but we are a hit at my office ,now if we could get some scores and such we be all set ..good job…lol…lol

  • Steve

    Thanks for the update, but I’m not liking the replacement of the lineup. I like to see the snippets of the beginning of the articles, and more importantly who wrote the articles. Can you add that only the new My B/r interface please?

  • yungCaucasoid

    site’s looking great, Zander…peace

  • Psychranger

    The navigation is now impossible! You can’t keep from jumping to the next page when all you’re trying to do is simply scroll down the page you’re reading! Happens constantly. Never had this problem before the update. It looks really nice; now if I could actually read the articles without the most overly sensitive navigation problem in history! Please fix it. Otherwise it’s a great app.